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Zoom is a popular virtual co-working tool, but there are other alternatives. Some of these tools offer more flexibility than Zoom and some have features that Zoom lacks.

One of the key things we needed for the Virtual Co-working rooms with Create the Rules Business Accelerator was the ability to have the rooms open and available 24/7. We wanted to open up the ability for all Business Accelerators to use the rooms whenever they wanted to work. While each member could start a Zoom call on their own, having set rooms available allow us not only to brand them but an easily accessible space that they could meet other Business Accelerators randomly in spaces they share.

When you work for a company, you often have to adhere to certain hours that are set by someone else. You may also only have support available during certain times. This isn’t always the case when you work remotely or for yourself in your business.

We use an incredible tool called GoBrunch that adds a virtual element to our co-working. I can create rooms that stay open at all times and I can create a variety of experiential rooms for people to explore and co-work together.

We are always trying to increase accessibility in our workrooms and one of the things we are striving to do is provide multiple rooms so people can select their co-working environment. We recently just launched our Cafe and Rain room which helps people focus with background noise that isn’t live conversations.

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