Creating Goals that are Achievable

The Workback Plan

See your focus. Create your milestones. Get the level of success you want.

Creating the Workback Plan

Be supported by your goals all year long

We have heard from a few folks who have already started diving into the planner that they are resistant to breaking down their goals. The idea of it feels TOO BIG. Now this could be a sign that your goal is TOO BIG (for right now) or it can be just that you need some additional support while going through this. Both are ok.

We created Create the Rules Catalyst especially for both of these reasons.

  1. To challenge the need for big, audacious goals that you don’t have the time or resources to achieve
  2. To help business owners and founders create manageable plans for their teams and themselves.
  3. To offer guidance, support, empathy and knowledge around creating and staying accountable to these plans.
  4. To help when life happens and you need someone to help you implement or catch up so you reach your goals this year.

The Workback plan is designed to make the goal real. When you break down a goal like “Add 2000 subscribers to my list in 6 months” you can see exactly what is needed

Want Help Breaking Down Your Goals into Milestones?

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Create the Rules Catalyst

Goals don’t happen by themselves.

We have a team of experts and workrooms open 24/7 for you to receive the support you need, when you need it.

Be nourished.

“Fantastic way to stay focused and be productive”

I just joined and so glad I did! I already have great insights into next year’s planning as well as partnership types I hadn’t considered before. The co-working is a fantastic way to stay focused and be productive. I already feel I’ve gotten more than the value I paid, and I’ve only taken advantage of a fraction of the resources.

Kimberly Robb Baker, Writer

“Truly a Life Giving Community”

Before joining, I was struggling to sell something I fell out of love with and spinning countless offers without much impact. Now, I have the clarity and confidence to build out new offers that are sustainable while also doing work I love!

The numbers have also been really something I haven’t been great at so the profit plan has given me so much clarity. I’m also obsessed with the co-working calls. Anytime I need inspiration or want to chat I can join! It’s truly a life giving community!

Melody Johnson, Customer Success Consultant

“100X Easier To Overcome My Mental Block”

The Profit Plan made me feel truly in control of my business for the first time. As a creative entrepreneur, envisioning where I wanted my business to go was easy. But running the numbers on what it would take to get there had me breaking out in a cold sweat. Going through the Profit Plan with Marissa made it 100X easier to overcome my mental block and gave me the confidence to pursue my creative vision. The Profit Plan is literally a foundational piece of my business and I come back to it again and again. I’d recommend it to anyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a decade.

Darci Ellenberger, Sweet Tooth Creative

“more aligned & profitable than I ever dreamt it could be”

My business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be

The Profit Plan shifted my entire perspective on how I run my business, which has continued to have positive impact even 16 months later – my business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be in this timeframe.

Joa Ahern-Seronde
Carte Blanche Careers