Why We Don’t Have Monthly Payments for Create the Rules Catalyst

We are passionate about
Nourishing the Risktakers

We built Create the Rules Catalyst around the simple idea of Nourishing the Risktakers. How can we move from a society where we don’t appreciate the incredible risk, hardship and commitment that goes into building a business to one where we invest in the change makers and culture creators doing very cool things in the world? We looked at how we can create a live, interactive virtual community of support with a tangible impact in the business owners life. What this meant was observing how we go through creation, testing, implementation, launches, reformation, selling, marketing, disappointment, celebrations, grieving, frustrations, jealousy, exhaustion, jubilation, transformation and all of the elements in between. Could we build a community that recognizes and acknowledges the diverse paths we run on to building a business while supporting the elements we share at their core?

What we forgot to do is recognize the value that the community as a business holds.

And that’s where we created the idea that whether you come in the community once a day, or once a year – your payment, your investment, your commitment, your participation here – IS worth it.

thank you for being here

Your participation, your investment, your commitment is always worth it

Why We Don’t Have Monthly Payments

We originally had a monthly access price point in the Catalyst – but we realized quickly that the monthly payments didn’t capture the worth of the incredible value in the Catalyst. We take this very seriously – whether you come in once a year, once a month, once a week or every day – your payment is worth it. We match what you bring into the community – your need for support is matched in the workroom and the private community.

How We Knew the Monthly Payment wasn’t Matching The Value

We had a member pay for two months. In the first month they came into the live workrooms every day for a week. They had 1:1 coaching, mentoring and an entire content calendar created for them. They cancelled their membership in the second month after they saw an uptick in their sales and couldn’t come into the workroom for a month. The challenge is they received incredible support in their business and didn’t understand that their yearly payment if they had stayed in would be the cost of the content that was created for them by our experts.

We found if people were not able to come into a workroom during the previous 30 days because of their schedule, they would cancel because it felt like they were not getting their money’s worth. Now this is 100% on us. We take full responsibility for not communicating the full breadth of possibility that members have all year long.

Because the reality is – we have so many different elements in the community that are worth the year long payment on their own.
You access the thing(s) you need – it’s like a choose your own adventure in support

  • The Live Moderated Co-Working Rooms – get community led or 1:1 Private support from the moderators on that day. It’s “right now” support when you need it.
  • The Private Text-Based Community – post your opportunities and obstacles to get a global perspective over the course of a few days or weeks.
  • Personal Whiteboards – craft business strategy & marketing plans, get brainstorming support, create key messages, content creation calendars and more. Work on your own, work with an expert – get ongoing feedback with our team as you go.
  • The Profit Plan – our foundational method for creating more profit and ease in your business. From Financial forecasts, budgets, prices and product strategy to building teams and creating marketing plans – this method has been used by thousands of business owners to build thriving, resilient, prosperous businesses that nourish the business owner and their teams while creating sustainable communities that support them.
  • New Revenue, New Audiences – the marketing plan to implement when your pivoting or expanding your business.

This community is not a group program style where you don’t get 1:1 support. If you come in the workroom or post in the private community, we look at your business specifically and give customized and personal support so you can create the rules in your business.

We have private workrooms, a personal whiteboard, office hours that don’t end if there are still people there with questions.

This is high touch support for you. We are here to nourish the risktakers – and we stand by what we say – come in once a year or once a day and your payment is worth it.

We know there are programs and communities that charge ten times more than we do. We are growing a community that supports each other and we want to change the way we create high touch, high impact support that keeps money in your business while still allowing Create the Rules to expand and thrive.

You can also hire consultants and contractors to help you build the marketing plan, the content strategy, the public relations plan, the funnel content, the event plan or any of the other tools we use on a daily basis in our businesses and it will cost $5-25K to walk away with that end product.

We are offering all of those options for the yearly access fee of $2500 working with our growing team of experts and your fellow community members.

Get the support you need, when you need it. We know you get busy in your business and we might not see you all of the time in the workrooms or in the private community – but when you need us – we are there.

We look forward to working with you on your business at Create the Rules – thank you for being here.

Accessible Pricing

There has been many arguments for what the industry calls accessible pricing – monthly payments that adds up to more than the pay-at-once price. We can go into more detail why monthly payments are not always accessible as well. But here is what we will always stand behind – if you need the support in the Catalyst, but do not have the full year payment right now, send us a message at hello@createtherules.com and we will work something out. It is very important for us that business owners keep money in their business for day-to-day costs. We have ways to make this work. This opportunity is for business owners who are willing to show up for themselves and have the capacity to invest the time and commitment to their business.