Why are your goals important to you?

Why are your goals important to you?

Are your goals actually made for you?

When we look at why your goals are important to you, we are really also asking – are your goals made for the overall good of you and your business? It can be an awesome process of self-exploration when you actually define why the goals and the tools and tactics you create to reach those goals are important to you. What do they benefit? Who do they benefit?

I often talk about deconstructing capitalism. This can really rub people the wrong way because they love the way capitalism has given freedom and licence to millions of entrepreneurs and small business owners to create the products and services they want to offer and the price they want to sell it at. I love that too! But what I don’t love about capitalism is the drive for more all the time. When I look at businesses like Etsy, that was built on the handmade and art economies having a place in the global market, it wasn’t designed to constantly be more profitable in order to withstand investors and shareholders demand for increases every year. It’s one of the biggest struggles the company faces because they erode the trust makers and artists had in the company as they see their freedom to build a business how they want is removed by a company who is publicly traded and must satisfy it’s sharesholders to remain in business. Capitalism often removes the freedom to create, live, grow from people the companies are built on. When I say, can we deconstruct capitalism, what I really mean is can we create businesses that have success goals that don’t remove freedom and profit from others at the same time in order for a small minority to accumulate wealth?

When we look at the goals we make for ourselves and our business – do the goals we choose benefit others? Do they benefit others that don’t look like us or live near us? Do they benefit the world and the environment? Is creating goals that impact others for the greater good important to you?

Another way to look at this question is to see how achieving these goals directly impacts you and those around you. Did you create the goal for something you truly want or did other people tell you it was good to have that goal?

Observing our competitors and mentors in business gives us powerful insights into how we can make our business and lives better – but we can also co-opt other people’s goals because we think we should have them too.

In reality, you create the rules. So what do you really want in your life and business? Why are the answers to that question important to you? How will you know the goals you create for yourself are actually for you and not to satisfy what society tells you that you should achieve.

Knowing what is important to you and learning how to recognize that it is actually important to you is an important life skill that will help you get more enjoyment out of your life.


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