Who Are You Right Now?

Who Are You Right Now?

Who Are You Right Now?

Let’s celebrate all that you are right now – the way you show up physically, emotionally and spiritually. The way you are in relationships and community, the way you show up in your career and all the little idiosyncrasies of your being. This is a time to celebrate and recognize but also to take stock of what you do want to work on or change. This leads into the question – Who are you becoming? And can act as a baseline for that answer.

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Who Are you Right Now?

This is an excerpt from the little podcast of big questions. I’m your host Marissa Loewen.

It seems a bit strange to think we don’t know who we are right now, but we can go on autopilot in our life and the question who are you right now can bring you back to a grounding. It can recognize who you are and how you’re showing up with everything from your physical, your emotional, the way you communicate with other people and how you are contributing to your goals or overall Legacy in your life.
The question who are you right now allows you to take stock of what’s really going on in your life, owning your emotions, legitimizing them and feeling like they belong.
The other question – the other side of the question, :who are you right now” allows you to look at what maybe you want to improve on in the future if there is something about yourself you want to change – either be physically or emotionally or spiritually.
Look at how it impacts your goals. Look at how it ties into your goals. Is there a way that you can take the question? Who are you right now while still celebrating everything that you are and all that you are and then being able to constructively give yourself feedback about things that you would like to improve or change or leave or allowed to let go.
The question who are you right now is absolutely a celebration. It’s an opportunity to take stock of all that you are contributing to the world, how you show up the relationships you have built, and of course all of the progress towards your goals in life.
It’s not meant to judge you. It’s meant to just ground you and bring you back to a kind of an equilibrium.
The idea that we are always doing the best we can at the very moment that we are doing it – is comforting to me, and being able to celebrate who we are right now allows us to take stock of that and celebrate it.

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