What would make this even better?

This is an excerpt from the little podcast of big questions. I’m your host Marissa Loewen.

One of my favourite questions is What would make this even better? Now, a  lot of times when we are trying to make a decision, we face a lot of judgment and shame and a part of the challenge that we have when we make a decision, is deciding whether it was good or bad. And when we look at the bad parts of things that didn’t work, or the parts that we weren’t happy with, we can sometimes get really down and focussed on it and it can prevent us from moving forward. When we look at the decision or the choice and we would say what would make this even better? It takes us out of that mindset of it being negative.

It says, okay. This is what happened and now we want to take a look at what would make it even better. It had good things. It had promise, it even maybe was pointing in the right direction.

But what would make this even better? and this question is really great because it also takes the responsibility out of it being solely our own.

Sometimes we take a look and decision that we made was the right decision. It was a great opportunity. It had everything lined up but there are outside forces working against it that brought challenges to it.

So even if something was an epic failure, there might have been circumstances going on in the world that made it not a success.

And so when we look at this question, what would make this even better? It allows us not only to look at the things that we could control, but the things we can’t control and even then I would argue, that we could look at the things we can’t control and say okay – How do we build things in place? How do we have plan B’s Plan C, Plan D –  for the things we can’t control that allow us to pivot, that allow us to be resilient, that allow us to move quickly and make our choice or our decision or our path or a tactic still a success?

It might not be what we originally planned but it definitely has an outcome that we’re happy with. Now, the whole point of this question – What would make this even better allows us to start from that positive mindset, that mind frame that what we did works, that what we did was good.

And you compare this with the question. You know, what worked? What works here? What do we love about this? What made this really great? And then you can ask the question – What would make this even better?  Now the other side of this question that I really enjoy is this is the concept of settling.  Sometimes you think. Okay. Well, this is the best time I am ever going to have… but what if we got out of that habit of saying, okay, this is the best I am ever going to have, this is the result I have always had, this is how it’s always going to be and then say what would make this even better?

It allows us to dream a little farther. It allows us to go a little bit beyond what we think we can do or what we think we can have or what we think we can receive and we look at the possibilities in front of us. So this question is awesome because it really gives you an opportunity to look at the positive while still examining what didn’t work and then building on it for always building were always taking what worked and what didn’t work and building a stronger Foundation as we move forward.

So I hope you enjoy this question as well. What would make this even better? And I’d love to know how you apply this question in both your life and your business ‘Cause that’s the beauty of these powerful questions. They can apply to our personal relationships, they that can apply to our careers… So what would make this even better for you? Please share. I can’t wait to hear what you’re doing in your life and business.

What Would Make This Even Better?

This question is perfect when you’ve had bad results and want to take a look at improving your success for next time and don’t want to dwell on what went wrong. Focus your question on making it even better. It is also about not setting – dare to dream a little longer about what is possible in your life.

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