What is Your Role in the World

What is Your Role in the World

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This is an excerpt from the little podcast of big questions. I’m your host Marissa Loewen.

What is your role in the world? Now this is a great question because sometimes we can go our whole lives without really thinking about the roles that we do take on in the world or the roles that have been assigned to us even without us even realizing it or even wanting it.

The other side of this question is that we do sometimes take on roles and then it allows that role to completely define us without realizing that we might be separate from that role. One of the examples of this is motherhood. Women have primarily taken on this role and it can sometimes take over who they are and I see this a lot with my coaching friends I have where they’re actually working with women to discover who they are outside of being a mother, outside of being a partner.
So sometimes it can, we can look at this question and come at it two ways. I like to look at it as what is your role in the world so that I can see the impact I have. That I can see what people look to me for. It’s extremely helpful in my career because it helped me create contact, it helps me create topics of Interest. It also helps me Focus because when I’m in coach rule, I’m asking a powerful question. I’m not giving them the “shoulds” I’m not giving them the “coulds”. All I’m doing is holding a space for them to create powerful movements in their life and business. When I’m in the role of a marketing consultant or a business Mentor then I take on different ways of working with I give them opportunities to think about. I am an idea curator. It allows me to know what to do.

Knowing what your role is if you’re a leader, if you’re a support person. If you are a service provider, it allows you to create focus. It allows you to communicate better when people know what you’re available for. They don’t you know they aren’t able to pull a scope creep on you, which means that they are allowing you to extend farther than you have set boundaries for yourself knowing what the difference is between your roles. If you have multiple roles, it allows you to also create balance and ease with them.  It allows you to create Partnerships amongst your roles and you know what they are and what they are defined as and what people expect of you when you take on these roles. now and we look at it from the other side. What is your role in the world? We can actually go even farther than our everyday life and not everybody will look at this question like that, but some of us want to look at how we show up, whether it’s in politics or whether than activism or whether it’s creating a movement or a change. We don’t all have to be leaders. We don’t all have to be experts sport Mentor or even Masters are wool can be also making sure that other people are successful are wolves in the as supporters as building blocks as foundation for other movements to happen. And that’s just as important when we look at that when we look at the reason why we are here the Legacy we want to contribute to the remembrance or the impact. He can be having a beautiful relationship with your child. It can be having an amazing partnership with a spouse.
It can be volunteering on the weekend. It can be making sure that you always tell your service workers wear these I’m at the grocery store or an attendant or a weakness that to have a nice day. That’s an important role as well that’s allowing people to feel significant because people to realize that you can have a great day is that reminder is that recognition? Those are all very important rules in the world and knowing what we do and who we are and that impact allows us to keep focus. It allows us to have better communication tools and help us Elevate. That won’t if we wanted. It’s about Choice quiz about knowing who we are and it’s about knowing all inside outside of our everyday.
Awareness of our own reality. What rule do people see us as what do they expect? What do we expect and what boundaries are we putting around this rule that allow us to do the best you can every day. So the question is, what is your role in the world now? I would love to hear how you are putting it in place in your business in your life in your career in your relationships. How does it change? How does it give you a different focus on what you do? Please share with me and I’d love to hear how you’re putting that in place.

What is Your Role in the World?

This can be a heavy question when we are just not even sure any more. Or it can be a life-affirming question when we revisit what we are doing, what are passions are and who we are meant to be. We can take on one role, a few roles or many roles and some are defined by us and some are defined for us. What is the role you most identify with? How does it create the legacy you want to leave in the world.

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