What Is Stopping You Right Now From Moving Forward

What Is Stopping You Right Now From Moving Forward

What Is Stopping You Right Now From Moving Forward?

This is an excerpt from the little podcast of big questions. I’m your host Marissa Loewen.

With the question “what is stopping you right now from moving forward?”
It’s really designed to help us be honest with ourselves about what kind of obstacles, challenges and even opportunities are in front of us. We might look at it from an internal point of view, where we might have beliefs or opinions, or even you no hesitations or fears that are holding us back and they’re going through our mind and we’re just not making the decision because of all of that noise, that clutter in our mind.  Or it can actually be outside presences. So real things that are happening in the world that prevent us from moving forward and that could be anything from racism or ableism or you know, any of the Monumental obstacles, getting funding, being able to pitch to the right clients. It really depends what that is.
It can also talk about our relationships and our connections and our collaborations. So the question really helps you take a 360-degree look at your life, and your business, and your career and look at what is stopping you right now from moving forward. Is it something inside of you? Is it external? Is it with connections or networks is their communication challenges the opportunities for this question are endless really because anything could be holding us back being able to identify what those are means that you can build Solutions or answers to those challenges and actually create opportunities to make them not challenges or not be in your way.
The more we can motivate ourselves and create that momentum, the more we’ll be able to move forward. So the question what is stopping you right now from moving forward has internal and external elements. Maybe they’re both. Being able to list them and create positive tools and tactics and plans for you to address them will help you gain confidence strength and resiliency.

What Is Stopping You From Moving Forward in the World?

Obstacle Check! Is it something internal or external preventing you from taking that next big bold step. Sometimes the external obstacles are only there because we are too busy listening to the internal beliefs and information we present to ourself. Knowing what it is means we can create the tools and tactics to removing it or addressing it and then MOVING ON.

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