Here are a few of our favourites

Running a Business with Ease

These links are affiliate links which means we could earn income if you click on the link and sign up. This is one of our income streams so we appreciate when you help us grow Create the Rules by joining through our Affiliate Links.


Beautiful & Easy marketing emails. We use this for all of our easy optins on our website.

Love: How quick it is to set up a marketing onboarding sequence & newsletter flow for new subscribers

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We live for GoBrunch as a more personable Zoom replacement

Love: From our daily moderated co-working sessions to our large online events, GoBrunch is our go to for connecting, collaborating and learning.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Want lifetime access to the top tier of GoBrunch? Enter CREATETHERULES24 into the Promotional Code Section & enjoy 20% the LTD price

Logo of "audio pen" with the slogan: convert voice notes into clearly (re)worded text.

Audio Pen

If you like voicing your ideas and then recording them to transcribe, Audio Pen is perfect for you.

LOVE: You can create full blog posts from your ramblings or craft well formed emails from your ideas as your driving around town. Maximize your time and create stellar content with Audio Pen.

Logo of honeybook on a yellow background.


We use Honeybook in two businesses – Create the Rules and in Marissa’s Marriage Commissioner role. It’s great for automating the contract process with clients and for taking the guess work out invoicing. Always know where projects are at with your clients.

Love: The automations and file libraries

Logo of taskade featuring a stylized sheep head within a colorful circle next to the brand name in lowercase letters.


We live for the project management system in Taskade. Using the innovative AI agents, we can whip out a project plan quickly and assign tasks with ease.

Love: Being able to create a 3 month project plan in a few minutes.

Logo of with a colorful wi-fi signal icon.


We love RSS for all our podcast hosting needs. First of all the price is so good and you can host multiple shows with all the episodes you want without worrying about hitting limits. They also have built in transcription and chapters making SEO a snap.

Logo of a company named "fedica" with a stylized turquoise figure above the 'f'.


We use Fedica to post to ALL the social medias. Even ones like Blue Sky and Mastodon.

It also does some pretty cool analysis for you on when to post and which audience is responding to your content.

LOVE: Easy Scheduling and Cross Posting of Content. The price is also definitely great.

Black and white podium logo with a stylized 'p' to the left of the word "podium.


Podium is more than just a transcription service for podcasts and videos. It gives show notes, chapters, transcripts and using their AI will even craft all your show specific quotes, tweets, linkedin posts and even craft an SEO rich blog post for you to go with the audio or video you are using.

LOVE; Quick, accurate and saves us so much time.

The image displays the logo of simplero, which consists of the word "simplero" in lowercase letters with a red dot.


Simplero is what we use for our membership, courses and invoicing. We have been with Simplero since 2015 and it runs our email funnels, cart and more.

Love: We love the automations and how it brings us ease managing our membership systems. It has cut our admin costs immensely and the support team is fantastic.

Wise" logo in dark letters on a green background.


We love Wise for international money for both personal and business banking. Not only has it lowered our costs for paying business bills and transferring affiliates but it has made our currency conversion a breeze.

Love: Ease of service and being able to set up new bank accounts in different currencies to meet the needs of our global business partners.

Logo of the productivity software called notion.


We have definitely built our second and third brains into Notion organizing our business and our teams around the easy sharing of information. We even have built in Notion Days in the Catalyst so if you want to design your Notion, come in and get some 1:1 time with our experts.

Love: The easy sharing among teams and the easy way to sort data.

Logo of printful, an on-demand printing and warehousing company.


We love our Create the Rules Merch and we couldn’t do it without the amazing printers at Printful. Easily add on another income stream with your branded or themed merch!

Love: Their built in designer and mockups allows you to quickly make designs designed to print amazing.

Logo of featuring stylized arrows forming a loop around the company name, symbolizing content repurposing or recycling.


Tired of trying to get all of your content on all the platforms? Let help you do that in one step. Simply hook up your social channels and let Repurpose take long form content and put it into short form segments.

Love: Taking the hard work out of cutting up content

Siteground company logo.


One of the highest rated webhosting companies, especially for WordPress websites, Siteground has been our go to for the past 5 years. Setting up websites on this platform is quick, easy and their helpdesk is always ready to help us out of a pickle.

Love: their first year offers. Up to 80% off gets you into your business in the first year with minimal costs.

Elfsight logo with a stylized 'e' and 'sight' in lowercase letters.


Elfsight is what we use for the majority of our embedded widgets in our GoBrunch rooms. We love their customer service and their wide range of embeddable widgets that help us make our rooms more interactive and helpful

Love: ease of use and wide range of ways to customize the widgets