How Small Business owners are creating big waves around the world in the communities they serve.

Ten Minute Bursts of
impact & inspiration

We are changing the way economies work and for many business owners, they started their business to create an impact, leave a legacy or launch a movement. Sometimes it is a big moment and other times, we do small increments of change that have the potential to creating big impact.

From boycotts to bulk buys, pop up shops and placemaking, we want to focus on small business owners around the world who are intentionally making an impact in the communities they serve.

A group of people standing in a forest.
A group of people sitting in a room with a fireplace.

How to Ask for help

The easiest way, is to come into the Workroom and say “Can I get some help with…”. You can check out the moderated co-working dates on the Google Calendar too for specific support

From room design, space architecture, community onboarding and engagement plans, Create the Rules Catalyst will help you grow and scale your community.

Create the Membership or Community that Fuels You & your Audience

We are Culture catalysts, Community builders &
change makers

Unlimited Room Design Guidance & Implementation

Be supported with community architecture guidance, branded room designs, navigational path-making and embedded features designed to keep your membership engaged and involved.

Audience Building Plans & Funnels

Creating a live community requires specific onboarding and engagement tools and techniques. We help you design your marketing and audience building plans to help people get into the community or membership

Onboarding and Member Retention

We’ll help you design an interactive and engaging onboarding process that doesn’t stop after just a few emails. Increase member retention and creating ongoing recurring revenue for your business with a live community and membership centre.

Member Benefit and Pricing Strategy

Design a membership offer that is built for what your audience wants and needs from you at the price they want to pay. Using our signature framework, The Profit Plan, we will also help you create a customer lifecycle marketing plan that helps your community discover your other products and services.

How it Works Once You Join the catalyst

Come into one of

live workrooms

Ask questions, brainstorm ideas, get strategy and direction

We help you create the strategy & implement it

Right in the room in real time. From community architecture to welcome emails and retention strategies

Be supported through all growth stages

Get advice, strategy and support through the opportunities and obstacles that can happen. Be in the room with experts who can help you grow, scale and thrive.