Creating More Profit & Ease


The Simple 5 Step System For Creating

More Profit & Ease In Your Business

A notebook with the word strategy written on it.
Financial Forecasts

We start with the number you need in order for you, your teams and your communities to thrive.

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Product & Pricing Strategy

Create the exact product & pricing strategy that gets you to your goals.

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Support Systems & Marketing Plans

Design the support systems & marketing plan to reach your goals with ease.


A Profit Plan is what businesses use to increase their profit in their business. MY Profit Plan helps you increase profit AND ease. Because if the business owner isn’t thriving, neither is the business. And that’s what makes this system different than another business growth strategy – it starts with what YOU – the Business Owner – needs to thrive.

Not only do you learn how to fall in love with your numbers, but you create the support system & marketing plan to easily help you achieve your goals.

The Create the Rules Profit Plan is the only planning system you will need for your business. It is all about planning for success and then building the EXACT STEPS in your business to achieve it. It begins with what you need as a business owner to thrive, not just survive, and then helps you create the business that supports that.

When you buy the Profit Plan system, you are COMMITTING to your business. You are acknowledging that you need ongoing planning and support to fuel your business and achieve those goals you keep putting off.

This isn’t a one-off course or program – this is a PLANNING SYSTEM that keeps you focused on your goals – monthly, quarterly and annually so your business is on track to succeed.

Other business experts will tell you to start building an ideal customer avatar and then create a product or service that meets their needs or responds to a pain point they might have and then assigning a price to it. What happens then is you can spend your entire year marketing a product and price point that will never help you actually thrive.

I’ve created the Create the Rules Profit Plan system to take away the guesswork from pricing your products and services or wondering where you’ll make a profit in your business. Using the five steps in the Profit Plan system, you will create your financial forecast, your products and services, your perfect price points and the support and marketing you need to achieve your goals.

In FIVE easy to follow and implement steps, you’ll have the exact plan you need to create your best year in business ever. But it doesn’t stop there. I want you to succeed and have the best access to support so that you and your business are thriving, resilient and prosperous. You will get weekly emails from me with coaching prompts for using the system and reminding you to come back and use the steps as you build your business throughout the year. There is even an annual yearly planning exercise that all members get each November to get you ready for the next year. I also hold monthly office hours so all members can get on a live call with me to get access to personalized coaching as they use the system in their business.


Targeted Tools & Tactics

  • Create the budget that allows both you AND your business to thrive. This exercise alone has helped hundreds of small business owners double and triple their income in their business.
  • Design dynamic products & services that fuel your business and excite your clients and customers.
  • Create powerful prices that are designed to help your business prosper while helping your clients and customers make great buying decisions.
  • Develop a system for support and efficiency to bring ease into your business. The health of the business owner is just as important as the health of the business. Building a system of support helps you maintain your business momentum.


Aligned Action

  • Walk away with an actionable business and marketing plan that speaks to the audience you want to develop.
  • Know your customer lifecycle marketing plan to step into quick action and long-term success.
  • HUNDREDS of ideas to find your customers and how to keep them engaged and happily buying from you
  • Steps to build a sustainable and resilient business that continues to prosper

Let’s create a new reality
for small businesses.

Even with my clients who have been in business three or more years, when I ask them how much they need to make in their business so they themselves can thrive, they can’t answer it.

Because we start a business with an idea. Then a few people buy into that idea and next thing we know we are involved in the day to day tasks of running a business. But we don’t stop to see if the tasks are what we should be doing or if our prices or products will even get us to our financial goals.

We don’t want you to just survive as business owner, we want you to THRIVE.

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30% of small business fail in the first two years. The number jumps to 50% in the first five years.

Why? Because business owners don't create solid, profitable foundations in their business.

Don’t wait – implement the Business Audit & Profit Plan this month to see the rest of 2020 be your best year in business yet.

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The program includes 5 steps in the system with videos, audio recordings and worksheets designed to get you creating the rules that work for your business. You will find your best pricing strategy to make your clients love buying from you – raise your prices, increase your revenues and learn how to expand your business without burning out.


Creating your pricing strategy and deciding what products to sell, knowing they will actually meet the income goals you and your business need to thrive, will help your business skyrocket. 

If I were to ask you – how much money does your business need to be resilient and how much money do YOU need as the business owner to thrive, would you know what those numbers are?


Having the right products and services that fit your client or customer’s needs at the right price will help you meet your financial goals. Knowing what products and services will get you to those goals is key. 


There are always processes and procedures that stall us in our business growth. Whether we don’t have the right tools or we require additional support in our life and business, we can look at what would bring more ease into achieving our goals.


This step is all about the tools, tactics and methods you will do to achieve your goals, sell your products & services and build a thriving life & business. It covers the entire customer lifecycle and how you can communicate, engage and re-engage at each stage.


This step is all about the tools, tactics and methods you will do to achieve your goals, sell your products & services and build a thriving life & business. It covers the entire customer lifecycle and how you can communicate, engage and re-engage at each stage.

Profit Plan Only

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