Have Buy Buttons on Your Website to get to the next step

Ok Let’s Go Through a Few Things…

  1. Each of these posts are here to not only make it easy for people to buy from you but to give you ideas on how you can incorporate some of these into your own marketing strategy
  2. Each one is an opportunity for you to publicly engage driving traffic back to your social properties and websites.
  3. You can get feedback and insight from the Create the Rules team as you go through these. Sometimes we can see ways for you to make it EVEN better and we’re here to do it together.
  4. Each day can be something you can implement in your business in a day. If you can stay with us for 30 days you have increased your ability to earn 30X more than when you started this challenge.

Bonus way: Develop a really great buy button and use it liberally. I know this seems obvious but I once worked with a client who told me their biggest fear is that no one will buy from them.

When I did a check on their sales page, I confirmed their fear was right – they had no buy button! When I say buy button, this also means buttons for your email, your waiting lists and your book-a-call or consultation.

Make it obvious. Don’t hide it in the text. Bring it out, give it white space and make it completely obvious how your clients get to the next step. Make the button in a contrasting colour to your branding and keep it consistent so your clients know exactly what they are looking for when they are scanning a page.

Don’t stop at Buy Buttons – make it obvious how they subscribe to your social platforms, your emails and your workshops.

Teal Website buttons with the text Join Now, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Send a DM, Buy Now

Story Selling

I didn’t invent story selling. As an autistic business owner, one of the ways that I connect to others is listening to other people’s stories and also telling my own. Marketing by relating to your clients and customers in a very relateable, human way makes for a really great start to building long-term repeatable relationships with your audience.

When we combine Story Selling with multiple communication platforms (website, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, email marketing, paid ads, Pinterest, media relations etc) you give people a chance to find parts of the story where THEY show up. Here is why it is also important:

  • You are always playing the algorithm game on any platform. Even with keyword optimization, every post you put out won’t reach those following you on the platforms.
  • Directing people to click through and see the rest of the story on another platform IS engagement and will help increase your organic reach.
  • It can take between 7-22 times of hearing the same message before someone takes action. Being able to shorten the timespan your audience hears from you can help them engage or buy from you faster.
  • You can show different perspectives, views or benefits on the different platforms.
  • If you lose access to a platform that you have built up, you can still communicate to your audience on other mediums to keep reaching them.
  • You can reduce your ad spend with re-targeting ads that continue the story of your product or service instead of marketing to a cold audience constantly.

What It Can Look Like

You’ll see a real-time example of this as you go through the 30 days. I’ll be taking you across several Create the Rules platforms in a way that tells the same story but here is one to get you thinking about how you can implement similar things in your own business. You can see how to share some parts of the same story across platforms to increase your reach and your familiarity factor.

30 Ways to Make it Easy for People to Buy From You

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