A Few Steps to Get You into the Community and to help you get the most out of the Business Accelerator

FIRST – check your email. You will TWO emails from us.

You will have a login to get access to our site on Simplero where your calendar of events, your access to The Profit Plan and other tools are hosted.

Your first email from us will also have instructions on how to get to the Circle Community where we host text-based questions, conversations and connections.

The Tools We Use

SIMPLERO – your account details, your renewals and your access to The Profit Plan, Planners and Other Tools are hosted here. This is your home base. You will get a Simplero login – if you already have one from another program with Create the Rules or another brand hosted on Simplero, you can use the same login to access our space. If you are not sure what your login is or you don’t get a Simplero login after your purchase today – send us an email at Check spam and if you’re using GMAIL sometimes you have to click on the left hand menu and select “All Mail” to find it.

CIRCLE – This is where our text-based community lives. You will get a link to join our community on Circle in the email you receive right after this purchase.

GOBRUNCH – This is our live co-working and office hour space. It’s like a more personable Zoom. You’ll get links to join our 24/7 co-working rooms and access to the live Office Hours.


How to get the most out of the

Business Accelerator

  • Set Up Your Avatar on GoBrunch
  • Register For Circle
  • Add the events Calendar to your Calendar
  • Add to your trust emails so you get all announcements
  • Introduce Yourself in the Community
  • Go through the Profit Plan in Simplero

PLEASE NOTE: If you signed up with a GMAIL account, the emails from Simplero can be found easily by clicking ALL MAIL on the left side menu.

Set Goals, Get Support, Connect

The Catalyst is here to help you succeed. What does success look like, feel like, sound like and yeah, taste like to you?

Post your weekly goals in Accountability Space on Circle and then share when you achieve them too.

The Community is here to support, nourish and raise your business up.

Welcome! We can’t wait to create with you!