Test EVERYTHING more than Once

Recently a Catalyst member launched their amazing new evergreen product and we were excited to support them by purchasing a copy of the product. The problem was we all kept getting an error!

We quickly let them know and it turns out a vital step was missed in setting up the payment info.

Lesson we can all learn? Test out all your links, all your buy buttons and especially your CART.

We can’t make it easy for people to buy from us if the payment can’t go through!

How to plan for it.

It’s always great to have a group of folks who don’t mind breaking your stuff haha. Because if they can break it before you send it out to your greater audience, then you’re gold! I like to create a few tester names and emails (Thank you for your service Testy McTesterson!) and create a few coupon codes to check to make sure the whole buy process is what you want to happen.

But the testing doesn’t just happen when you launch! Set a reminder into your calendar to check all your links at least quarterly.

Take it a Step Further

Set up a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in Clickup, Notion, or Todoist to help you keep track of what to test and when to test it. Bonus is as you grow your team, they have each access to a knowledgebase of test links they need to keep track of. Pages get shuffled around and lost sometimes from main navigation but Google still stores them and it can pop up when you least expect it with a broken link or a link to an old price. Make it easy for people to buy from you with links that work and go to the right place!

Let’s See Your Links!

What sales page or product did you just test? Drop some links below for us to check out. POST ONE PAGE OR PRODUCT BELOW. We will test out your page too!