Omni-Channel Marketing is Sexy

For eight years, my event company partnered with Etsy Canada to produce in-person large scale craft shows (250+ makers, artists and designers in one show). Our challenge was to not only help the artists, makers and designers have success at the show but then use the event to fuel their sales BEFORE and AFTER the show with their online store. This was an example of omni-channel sales. Add in social media sales and we have a whole marketing strategy.

You really don’t want to just build an audience on one platform – you can implement swiss army knife marketing or omni-channel marketing to help solve a few challenges in your business.

Sell with the Familiarity Factor

On Day One, I talked about Story Selling – a way you can introduce your audience to all of the platforms you are on so they can get bits of a larger story. This works to build up awareness, recognition and familiarity with your brand as you are on all the platforms they are on.


Here’s is how it works:

  • Show your links to your website and other platforms where they can find you.
  • Give an offer, an opt-in or something juicy in that link list they can only find there. Something you can refer to in your posts to give them a reason to click.
  • You can also include links to your latest podcast, blog post, Medium Article and you can also have sales links in there.
  • Got a promo offer, or an item you refer to in a post? Put the ability to buy right in the link list. Don’t make them go elsewhere for a longer page – put the shopping experience right on their phone.

Take it a Step Further

We have a weekly live marketing, strategy and business growth call on Clubhouse every Monday at 10AM EST. I wanted an easy way to link all of the main contributors to the show while also telling people about Create the Rules Catalyst AND this opt-in. So I created a special links page just to do that.

It’s great because it is branded, it allows me to encourage people to go up to the link in the call and click on the websites of the participants or my opt-in. It’s also something I let Google access so those are legitimate link backs to their website.

To get this effect, I had to edit the page title to show the entire call to action. I could change the Page Title on this page to also be a call to action to download the 30 Ways to Make it Easy for People to Buy From You. Always test your social media meta to see what parts of your pages show when being shared.


Say you grabbed your branded name on Twitter, but don’t want to add another social media into your list. You can create a video or image post on Twitter and pin it as your top post. It can even link directly to your opt-in or store. Make it descriptive and juicy. You can also link to your link list so people can get to your website, your offer or your appointment link.

You can do this on any social media platform whether you’re active on it or not. As you grow your brand, people will search for your name on the platforms they are on. This way they can find you easily and find their way to you.

When Clubhouse first launched a few years ago and it was still in development, you couldn’t have any links in your profile except a Twitter or Instagram profile. People use the DMs on both platforms to connect with people and the link lists to get them to their other contact methods easily.

As new social media platforms arrive, think about how you can use your other platforms to link, leverage and lead your new audience to your offers.

A screencap from a recent Business & Breakfast show on Clubhouse

Tell People How to Opt-in or Buy Using a Different Platform

What platforms are you building a presence on and which ones are forwarding traffic to another platform? Go To THIS TikTok and either post a comment on it so I can go to your profile and check out your link list OR give your TikTok a boost by duetting or responding to my comment on the TikTok. Give your direction to find your link list on your Instagram or even the first pinned post on your Twitter.