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We want to tell more stories about being a business owner, running a business and building a thriving life while navigating the sometimes harsh decisions and rewarding outcomes that business owners face.

What we need from you: We will post content ideas and prompts in our email list. If the topic moves you, click the link to upload your short answer to the prompt. Length: 2-5 minutes, on your phone or laptop. All we ask is you have good light, minimal background noise and maybe clean the lens off before you hit record, pretty please.

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We want to hear what the biggest risk you
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Why Do We Tell Stories?


Business Owners Are Creating the Rules around what works for them in their business. We want to showcase different ways to thrive. From Digital Businesses to Brick & Mortar, we want to share the different ways business owners are showing up in the world.

Knowledge Sharing

We don’t know what we don’t know and helping others to discover new ways of doing things is one of the best things we can do as knowledge keepers. If you found a way that works for you, let’s share it so others can try it out for themselves.


Boosting the signal for impact-driven businesses creating significant change & good work


These are amazing for providing quality link backs to amazing businesses creating cool things.

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