What is stopping you right now from moving forward?

What is stopping you right now from moving forward?

Naming Your Obstacles So You Can Plan for Them

When I work with clients, we create a contract for each coaching session to determine what they most want to achieve during the session and in their life. Part of the coaching session is about determining why that goal is important and what is their ability to achieve it in the time they set out for themselves. What can happen is they are not completely honest with themselves on what is standing in the way of their success.

It can be really easy to blame obstacles for not achieving our goals. In fact, that’s a strategy people who are afraid of failing will use to prevent themselves from being the actual cause of the failure.

The reality is you can achieve your goals if you know what you’re up against – especially if the obstacle is yourself.

I worked with a client who would start his sessions with the reasons why he didn’t finish the tasks he needed to do since his previous session. I asked him to list all of the possible obstacles stopping him from meeting his goals. He would often say there were things that he couldn’t plan for. I challenged him to list all of the things he couldn’t plan for and to see if we could actually put things into place in his business that would make him more resilient to obstacles.

We want to turn the obstacles into opportunities! What we discovered through coaching, was actually a fear of his that no matter what he did to reach success, he wouldn’t actually achieve it because the obstacles would always prevent him from getting where he wanted to be. He was actually creating the very situation he feared but on his own terms!

When we can name our fears and worries, it is easier to create plans that enable us to work with them as they happen. That is a resilient business and a strong thriving business owner. If we are always afraid of what might happen, we will miss what IS happening and of course, what COULD happen that’s really awesome.

Bringing a list of possible obstacles means you can put plans and efficiencies in place to prevent them from happening or if they do, gives you the resources and support to move through them. Avoiding all of the outcomes entirely means you will never actually enjoy the reward of achievement.

So what is stopping you from achieving what you want? What obstacles could you foresee and plan for them? What kind of support do you need in order to face your obstacles? How can you make sure you, as the business owner, are nourished and resilient? What safety net do you need in place in order to take on the risk of facing obstacles? How much risk can you take on in your business?


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