Speak & Sell

Sell before, during and after live events like podcasts, summits, conferences and markets.


Create an irresistible set of offers that you can sell before, during and after events. Know how to position them so you can create a stunning profit plan.


Create the repeatable systems and tools you need in order to reach ready-to-buy audiences and keep them engaged.


Set up the automated nurture sequences that keeps your clients coming back for more and referring you to their friends & colleagues

The Tools, Tactics and Repeatable Strategy

Make it easy for people to find you, buy from you and refer others to you with Speak & Sell. With over 55 modules, plus swipe files, templates and repeatable marketing strategies you’ll be able to create a stunning plan for success for your next event.

Build Excitement

Market & sell before the event to the audience already attending or thinking about attending. Increase your email subscribers & drive traffic to social media.

Design Event Specific Offers

Offer event specific offers to listeners or participants. Sell out before the event even happens with your Speak & Sell System.

Create Long-Term Customers

Use the content from the event to create marketing content for years after. Design funnels to help attendees buy again from you.

Reach a Ready to Buy Audience with your Message

Speaking on stage or on podcasts. Attending, sponsoring or vending at a conference. A guest expert in a summit. All of these opportunities are perfect ways for you to grow your audience & sell your products and services.

Design a Repeatable process for you to grow your business

Designing a stellar journey for your best clients & customers to find you, learn more about you and buy from you. This process integrates with your existing marketing plan while making it easy for your audience to buy from you easily.

You can also use these systems to re-invigorate existing audiences while engaging new potential clients.


Leveraging the Power of Events

Video, Audio & Text Modules

Learn, get inspired and implement from our step-by-step system that takes you through the process before, during and after the event. Be prepared for your next event (and all the events after that) to create an easy way for people to discover and buy from you.

Templates, Swipe Files and Examples of What Works

We take the guesswork out of designing the process. Learn from other business owners about what works for them. Take what works for you and create your own systems that are custom built for your business.

A System so Easy to Implement You Will Be Applying for More Events

We have also added bonus material around how to apply for events so that the planner sends you an excited yes!

Designed by An Event Planner

Every event we have planned, we have seen speakers and vendors miss so many incredible opportunities to leverage the events they are in to maximize their marketing, sell out their products & services and grow their audience. Whether in-person or online, you can leverage the excitement events can bring to your current and future clients. By planning ahead, you can capture years of marketing content by speaking or appearing at an event. You can also use the power behind borrowing other people’s audiences to create the social proof you need to speed up the audience nurture cycle.

Marissa Loewen – Idea Curator, Strategist, Catalyst

  • Event Business Owner
    Since 2012, under On the Spot Pop Ups, have lead placemaking & temporary retail initiatives in Edmonton for makers & artists.

  • Business Coach & Mentor
    Over eight years experience working with business owners across a wide array of niches to help scale, grow and market with ease.

  • Business Strategy
    Over 20 years in corporate communications, marketing, website design & usability, email marketing, media relations, online ads & business growth strategy.

  • Favourite Speaking Topics:

    • Online and In-Person Placemaking
    • Creating Culture within a Community
    • Pop Ups & Marketing Infusions
    • How to Fail without Giving Up
    • Planning for Profit with Ease
    • Upcoming Trends in Creating Culture

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