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Sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know and sometimes you have an idea but you’re not sure how to create it in your business. Create the Rules Spark is designed to give you inspiration and implementation in digestible videos, workbooks and idea sheets.

A weekly Muse for you to make your business even better

Sometimes sparks happen in a completely different direction than what we intended. The idea behind this simple membership is that you get one idea a week to inspire you to create. Sometimes you might implement it exactly as described in your business and sometimes its going to inspire you in a completely different direction and that’s cool too. Let’s co-create together.


A new idea, tool or tactic each week in our growing library of possibilities.

A 10-15 Minute Video Added

Each video has captions and transcripts included. You can speed up the video and watch it as fast as you want.

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Enjoy anytime access to the growing library of ideas, worksheets, prompts, tools and tactics designed to make your business even better.

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Chief Strategist – Create the Rules

Marissa Loewen – Idea Curator, Strategist, Catalyst

  • Event Business Owner
    Since 2012, under On the Spot Pop Ups, have lead placemaking & temporary retail initiatives in Edmonton for makers & artists.

  • Business Coach & Mentor
    Over eight years experience working with business owners across a wide array of niches to help scale, grow and market with ease.

  • Business Strategy
    Over 20 years in corporate communications, marketing, website design & usability, email marketing, media relations, online ads & business growth strategy.

  • Favourite Speaking Topics:

    • Online and In-Person Placemaking
    • Creating Culture within a Community
    • Pop Ups & Marketing Infusions
    • How to Fail without Giving Up
    • Planning for Profit with Ease
    • Upcoming Trends in Creating Culture
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