Sell Nothing and still make money

Whether you’ve got a podcast, posting your tutorials, sharing your expertise in groups, speaking at events or even just doing a favour for friends and family, one of the easiest ways to make it easy for people to pay you is using a donation link like Buy Me a Coffee, Ko.Fi, PayPal.Me or even Patreon.

Some folks use Cashapp or Venmo but the challenge is in a global market those are only available if you live in the US.

Using a service that takes payments from all over the world increases your earning power.

Creators and Influencers are already using this but don’t discount the favours you do for family and friends, answering questions in Facebook groups, posting entertaining content on social media to promote your business and of course on your blog, email newsletters and podcasts.

Someone may never be a customer of yours but be an avid consumer of what you’re putting out in the world. Make it easy for people to pay you money.

How To Use It

When the audio social conversation app, Clubhouse, became really popular a few years ago, people were giving incredible value on the stages and only a handful had their donation links in their bio. The extra challenge to is they usually had only US centric links like Venmo or Cash App in there which still limited who could send them a tip for creating impact.

Where are you adding value in the world that people could tip you for it?

I like to add my links to my Facebook, Instagram and other social bios. I add them to the bottom of blog posts and podcasts. Even if I am a guest on someone’s podcast, I can remind people that if they felt moved or inspired by what I said, they can provide a tip into my coffee jar.

Even if only a few people donate, it can add up. I once met a creator who had a blog and podcast. She showed me how her micro payments could add up to $45K a month! I was super impressed and loved how she mentioned it at the end of every blog post and she had the Buy Me a Coffee Widget on every sidebar. She would always mention it in her podcast too to remind people that the best way she could keep doing this work and creating the content they loved was through buying her a coffee.

It’s one of my favourite ways to make it easy for people to pay you.

Affiliate Disclaimer: I’m proud to be affiliate partner with some of the organizations mentioned on this page. If you sign up or purchase any of these in the future, I may receive a commission but at no extra cost to you.