Do you even NEED a sales page?

With the rise of mini mobile sites like Milkshake, Stan and even built in stores in Instagram the idea of the sales page moving from a long form to one you can quickly make a buying decision on is changing.

What hasn’t changed is the components on the page that make it easy for people to buy from you.

  • Some folks don’t change the URL of their mini-store but having a vanity URL to it, helps make it easy for people to refer you with an easy to remember store name.
  • Having Testimonials or Reviews on the sales page and the cart, help confirm the decision to buy (but sometimes only if the testimonials are from people who feel familiar to your audience. Does your testimonials reflect the audience you want to buy from you)
  • Comparison pricing charts are awesome for helping people to decide to work with. A summary of what’s in it for them at the price point they want to pay makes it easy for a quick click to the checkout.

More Secrets that Sell

Repeating the Call to Action with the Outcome they Want

  • Example: “Start Watercolour Painting Today” vs “Join the Class”
  • Example: “Learn How to Optimize Your Website for Search Engine Marketing Now” vs “Buy Now”

Vibrant Powerful Images that Entice

Evoke emotion on your pages with your imagery. Make it enticing and inviting.

Answer their Questions or Objections to Buy

Before you roll your ideas at the word objections – these are very useful questions they have like:

  • How does the product or service get delivered? Are there delivery costs?

  • Timezones live components are delivered in?

  • Languages it is available in

  • Refund policies

  • How long is their access for?

  • Who is it for? How have they used this in their lives or careers?

Take it a Step Further

Look at heat wave maps for your website to see where website visitors are hovering and trying to find the next action. You can also do pop up surveys when people leave your site and ask the questions like “What were you here to do on this page? and Were you able to complete it?”. Focus groups and market research can also help you build a better page that sells with ease.

Let’s See Your Links!

How are you making your sales page better? Share your links to your best sales page or landing page in the comments below and we might give you feedback!