Make it Quick and easy

You’ve seen the LinkTrees, the SociaTaps, the hot links on your website, but do you know how you can use them?

When we think about marketing strategy, part of that can entail getting people to the quickest possible NEXT action with us. Because when people commit to an action with us, we can not only start a conversation with them, but we start a customer journey with them.

Apps like Instagram where we can’t post a link in the post isn’t the only reason why we would use this. (Spoiler Alert: More on that tomorrow!)

Make Like a Tree and Sell

Let’s focus on what makes a good Links page. We know people have a few seconds to make a decision when they click a link on our page. First – confirm the page is where they wanted to be.

Show your branding!

  • Show your links to your website and other platforms where they can find you.
  • Give an offer, an opt-in or something juicy in that link list they can only find there. Something you can refer to in your posts to give them a reason to click.
  • You can also include links to your latest podcast, blog post, Medium Article and you can also have sales links in there.
  • Got a promo offer, or an item you refer to in a post? Put the ability to buy right in the link list. Don’t make them go elsewhere for a longer page – put the shopping experience right on their phone.

Take it a Step Further

Don’t be afraid to sell from the link list. It doesn’t just have to be opt-ins. Some of the mini websites like Stan.Store and Zezam give you the ability to put your products right in a mini-website. Zezam even offers online mobile courses built in.

Let’s See Your Link Tree!

Go To THIS Instagram Reel and either post a comment on it so I can go to your profile and check out your link list. OR give your Instagram Reels a boost by REMIXING