Be in the Room

with Us

We have launched public workrooms, a bookstore, a podcast listening lounge and a theatre. We’ll also be adding a mystic market and more.

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Explore Our Public Rooms

We will be adding to our public rooms but feel free to co-work, explore and discover what the Catalysts are doing.


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How to Use the Rooms

Virtual co-working gives you the space and focus to get tasks that you have been putting off done. Being in the room with others gives a connection that you can’t always find working from your home. As we say, you’re working for yourself, but not by yourself. With Create the Rules Catalyst, we combine the benefits of body doubling with brainstorming, content creation, product & package strategy, pricing strategies and combining the practical side of businesses building with connection, camaraderie, co-creation and collaboration.

All off the rooms are connected, so you can easily switch among them to see what else we are creating.

If you find yourself alone in the Workroom, hang around! People pop in and out and you’ll have company soon.

Catalyst members will also pop in and out and we have scheduled co-working on the calendar that’s in the room.

Rooms like The Bookstore have interactive elements. Click on books on the bookshelf and you can go right to discovering more about the book and even buy it right from the Catalyst member who wrote it.

The Listening Lounge has Podcasts that you can listen to. All of the episodes are listed, click on the menu beside the sound icon and see which episode you should listen to next. These episodes are updated whenever the hosts update so check back often to hear the latest.

Each room is designed to cater to your needs. If someone else is in the room, they control their own volume and episodes. No need to worry about interrupting them! These rooms can be great to work in when you need some background noise to keep focused.

In the Catalyst, we use sound bath rooms and focus background noises like brown noise, cafe noises and even cat purring to help you keep on track.

Work For Yourself,

But Not By Yourself

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