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Build a thriving, prosperous, resilient business that works for YOU


  • Create the budget that allows both you AND your business to thrive. This exercise alone has helped hundreds of small business owners double and triple their income in their business.
  • Design dynamic products & services that fuel your business and excite your clients and customers.
  • Create powerful prices that are designed to help your business prosper while helping your clients and customers make great buying decisions.
  • Develop a system for support and efficiency to bring ease into your business. The health of the business owner is just as important as the health of the business. Building a system of support helps you maintain your business momentum.
  • Walk away with an actionable business and marketing plan that speaks to the audience you want to develop. 
  • Know your customer lifecycle marketing plan to step into quick action and long-term success.
  • HUNDREDS of ideas to find your customers and how to keep them engaged and happily buying from you
  • Steps to build a sustainable and resilient business that continues to prosper

Get the Create the Rules - Business Audit & Profit Plan Course for only $249 USD


The tools you need to build a thriving, prosperous, resilient business in an easy to understand coaching format.



As a relatively new business owner, I know I had a service to offer but had a difficult time knowing where to start or how to charge (rather than doing the service pro bono). That is where Create the Rules changed the way I look at my business but also my own worth. 

I think the biggest thing that Create the Rules taught me was to be courageous in my new endeavour while giving me the tools to be successful. It taught me how to price so that my business can be sustainable, how to market myself with confidence, and overall how to focus on the strengths I have to build this business my way. As a planner myself, I was surprised at the number of things in her program that I hadn't thought of, but by adding them to my process and plan it increased my reach and customer base. 

Astrid Carys Eve

Human Resources Consultant & Career Coach | https://hrbyeve.wixsite.com/hrbyeve



This course takes you through developing a plan of action for each stage of the customer lifecycle including hundreds of tips about where to find customers and how to keep them engaged & buying from you.



Let's create a new reality for small businesses. 

Even with my clients who have been in business three or more years, when I ask them how much they need to make in their business so they themselves can thrive, they can't answer it. 

Because we start a business with an idea. Then a few people buy into that idea and next thing we know we are involved in the day to day tasks of running a business. But we don't stop to see if the tasks are what we should be doing or if our prices or products will even get us to our financial goals.

We don't want you to just survive as business owner, we want you to THRIVE.

We want people to thrive and while the contents of this course are worth multiple figures over the lifetime of your business, I want NOTHING to stop you from getting access to these success tools right now.

Don't wait. Start implementing these tools in your business right now.

Create a Prosperous, Resilient, Thriving Business For only $249

They also build strong, prosperous business owners because when your business is profitable, your needs are taken care of and you get to enjoy your business. With strong business plans, you can face recessions, fast growth and pivot faster to be prepared for whatever comes your way in your business. 

With the Create the Rules Business Audit & Profit Plan, you'll discover opportunities you didn't know you were missing and the simple steps to get you to your goal of a prosperous, thriving, resilient business. 

Business Audits and Business Plans build strong, prosperous businesses.

Get the Create the Rules - Business Audit & Profit Plan Course for only $249 USD

Create the Rules started out as a free challenge I offered in my transformational business coaching business twice a year over the past four years. What it turned into was a revolutionary way to do business. Removing all of the "shoulds" and replacing them with "coulds" and you have a business you WANT to work in. With new businesses, their ultimate success is usually determined in their first three years of business. If they don't set up powerful and profitable foundations to grow, the owners and the ideas will soon be exhausted. But we NEED more thriving, prosperous, resilient businesses in the world and we need healthy, strong, fulfilled business owners behind them, so I have expanded Create the Rules to be a revolutionary on-demand audit and business planning tool to help you create powerful and profitable shifts in your business and in your life. 

This isn't another course you get half- way through and then realize you'll never implement it. I designed it to be a course you can use the first time you launch a business and every time you launch a new product or service. It is an annual planning tool, a quarterly projections tool and a creative catalyst for when your business needs it. 

The tools in each module are not to be used just once. They are business growth tools you will use over and over as your business builds and prospers. 

Create the Rules Business Audit & Profit Plan
 is a revolutionary training + coaching tool

The Create the Rules challenge solidified some major changes I wanted to make in my business. 

Art fairs stopped being a primary source of my income, by choice, and the challenge helped me realize I don't need to second guess that decision. 

I set goals based on the lifestyle and ease we want to have then backed out from that to determine exactly what I need to do to get there. Ultimately, through the challenge, I created an outline for my business this year and even heading into the next few. I set a monthly sales goal for summer, fall and winter of this year and at this point I have hit each month's goals and now am exceeding them. 

Instead of feeling fear about pitching my ideas to businesses who could well use my services as a potter, I was excited about sharing my ideas. 

It's been a good year with some major changes because instead of riding the tide based on someone else's ideas of what a pottery business should be, I create the rules. 

This is my life. This is my business. I create the rules.

Rebecca Graves Prowse, GravescoPottery.com


Create the Rules

Is a Revolutionary Program that Combines Teaching with Mentoring & Transformational Coaching

A Strong Foundation for Powerful Growth 

Downloadable Audio as a Podcast

Five powerful modules with mindset, business mastery and foundational elements to help you create the income, the products and the marketing you want in your business. Build a thriving, prosperous resilient business with ease.

I haven't left anything out! The training I've included in this program is the exact process I walk my clients through each time they expand their business. It's comprehensive, step-by-step and is practical, proven techniques to help you create the rules in your life and business. 

Learn as you go! The worksheets are all downloadable as well so you can take them and work on them wherever you are


The program includes 5 modules with videos, audio recordings and worksheets designed to get you creating the rules that work for your business. You will find your best pricing strategy to make your clients love buying from you - raise your prices, increase your revenues and learn how to expand your business without burning out. 


Creating your pricing strategy and deciding what products to sell, knowing they will actually meet the income goals you and your business need to thrive, will help your business skyrocket. 

If I were to ask you - how much money does your business need to be resilient and how much money do YOU need as the business owner to thrive, would you know what those numbers are?

Having the right products and services that fit your client or customer's needs at the right price will help you meet your financial goals. Knowing what products and services will get you to those goals is key. 


There are always processes and procedures that stall us in our business growth. Whether we don't have the right tools or we require additional support in our life and business, we can look at what would bring more ease into achieving our goals.


Building your prices for profit first allows your business to prosper and thrive. Making sure it is the price your audience wants to pay is the next step. 


This module is all about the tools, tactics and methods you will do to achieve your goals, sell your products & services and build a thriving life & business. It covers the entire customer lifecycle and how you can communicate, engage and re-engage at each stage. 


Get the Create the Rules - Business Audit & Profit Plan for only $249 USD

More than just a coach, I consider Marissa to also be an intuitive guide who reads between the lines and can pick up ideas for your business that you may not have yet fathomed. She works closely with you to peel away the layers and uncover whatever blocks that may be holding you stagnant. Her depth of knowledge in all things business makes her a rare gem. From sales funnels, to nurturing sequences, to SEO, she makes sure that once you are clear on your business goals, you have the exact strategies needed to see the level of results you desire. 

An Intuitive guide who reads between the lines

Stepha LaFond, Life Coach



About Marissa Loewen

The modules are designed to build stronger, more resilient entrepreneurs who crave success, profit and a wider reach for their products & services. 

I ask the hard questions you don't want to ask yourself. We create a mindset for success, reframe blocks and go deep for a transformation that impacts not just your business but your relationships, your family and your life. 

Expect change. Expect abundance. Expect magic - the kind that comes when you're confidently living your passion. 

I started my first business in Grade 6, selling cold milk to my classmates out of our elementary school's janitorial closet. After working in Business, Marketing & Communications for over 20 years, I've now owned my own business for over 10 years and currently run four businesses.

While some business coaches will teach you the basics, I go so much further with my own unique method of transformational coaching.

Each module in the Create the Rules Business Audit and Profit Plan will challenge your current beliefs around what you can charge, what you should sell and even who you should sell to - so that you are absolutely confident about every aspect of your business. 

I have been a trained transformational business coach for just over 5 years and I love helping entrepreneurs and small business owners create powerful, prosperous, resilient businesses. 

Rich Confidence for an Abundant Business

This is where you get to create your own rules

When you discover the secret to stepping into this massive power of knowing your worth, you will also receive:

Incredible clients who love what you do or make for them. In fact, they will rave about you to others like them who will then become your new customers. 

More ease & flow in your business because you are spending less time hustling and more time creating sweet products & packages your audience craves.

Opportunities to be an expert in your field such as public speaking, magazine & podcast interviews and even as a sought-after contributor to major publications – online & in print.

Credibility and legitimacy in what you do. When you know your self-worth, others will know it too.

Get the Create the Rules - Business Audit & Profit Plan for only $249 USD

So, what is Create the Rules?

Create the Rules is a philosophy, a movement, a call to action for business owners around the world to start doing business THEIR way. Trusting their instincts and their intuition, harnessing the power behind their fears and asking themselves the powerful questions that make them uncomfortable.

It's about building strong businesses that are resilient even during downturns in local economies because the business owners are prepared, have invested in a strong foundation and have diversified their business to be profitable.

In Your Space, At Your Own Pace

You will get access to all of the modules immediately - a plethora of mobile & tablet friendly videos, podcasts, worksheets and mindset shifts.

Schedule an hour a day or finish in a weekend - it's your choice.

I'm busy running my biz, how does the business audit and plan work?

Use Throughout the Life of your Business

This course is not just a one-time tool. Use it annually, quarterly or anytime you need to pivot or want to launch a new program. This is a business audit and plan course that grows with you - through every stage of your business. 

Anytime, Anywhere, All the Time

Download the audios as podcasts to listen as you go. Print off the worksheets to work on it where you are and when the answers come to you.

One Year Access

The $249 (USD) price gives you access for one year. At the end of one year, we will send you an opportunity to renew access for one more year at a special price so you can continue to use this tool as your business grows. All future upgrades throughout the year will be accessible by you.

Get the Create the Rules - Business Audit & Profit Plan for only $249 USD

Disclaimer:  Earnings are not guaranteed. 

Like all good things, your success is based on what you're willing to put into it.

The good news is you get to define what your success is.

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