FEBRUARY 26-28, 2024

Join the three day, free Profit Plan challenge to create your

Learn exactly what you need to fuel you, your team and your
community over the next 12 months. You know what that means? More cannolis for everyone.

What’s Inside the Free Masterclass

Get the first three modules of our signature business planning tool, The Profit Plan, LIVE with Marissa Loewen, Lead Strategist, Create the Rules, with Live opportunities to be in the Profit Planning Room plus videos and workbooks designed to get your next 12 profitable (and prosperous) months laid out and ready to happen.

Lives: 12PM EDT – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Replays available.

This module has changed the trajectory of thousands of businesses. Our signature exercise will get you falling in love with the numbers you need to reach to thrive. It’s also start to the Profit Plan’s secret to always pricing your products & services perfectly.

Let’s take your current offers and see how they will help or hinder you in the next twelve months. We use a special method for creating the perfect product and service mix that gets you to both your profit AND ease goals.

Create your perfect product or service mix to get you to your goals with ease. Know exactly what to focus on for the next 12 months. What will you create?

Why Cannoli?

Ok so we’re old here at Create the Rules. Well, at least old enough that quotes from The Godfather have permeated our vocab and we often talk about the great quote “Leave the gun, take the cannoli” Because in business, we need to know what is really important to us. The Profit Plan lets you quickly assess what you want to take with you. Cannolis, Upgrades, Funding the Revolution, you know whatever is important to you.

Grow At Your Own Rate

Slow growth, fast growth – it all counts. The Profit Plan allows you to price your products & services to grow your business at the rate you want it to grow at. The Profit Plan is not about exhausting you, your team & your business to make exorbitant goals that *sound good* Let’s create the business plan that works for you.

When I heard that up to 60% of small businesses don’t use a budget or a financial forecast, I knew we needed the Profit Plan. You could spend an entire year marketing a product or service that will never get to your financial goals. Let’s make 2024 the year we stop doing that, mmmk?

My business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be

The Profit Plan shifted my entire perspective on how I run my business, which has continued to have positive impact even 16 months later – my business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be in this timeframe.

– Joa Ahern-Seronde, Carte Blanche Careers

100X easier to overcome my mental block

The Profit Plan made me feel truly in control of my business for the first time. As a creative entrepreneur, envisioning where I wanted my business to go was easy. But running the numbers on what it would take to get there had me breaking out in a cold sweat. Going through the Profit Plan with Marissa made it 100X easier to overcome my mental block and gave me the confidence to pursue my creative vision. The Profit Plan is literally a foundational piece of my business and I come back to it again and again. I’d recommend it to anyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a decade.

– Darci. Sweet Tooth Creative


Marissa Loewen is the Lead Strategist and Chief Nourishment Officer at Create the Rules. Her 25 years in communications, marketing, website design, email marketing, media relations and event planning has brought her across several industries. She is the owner of a pop up event company in it’s 11th year, focusing on made local goods and art. She has also been in the business coaching space for over seven years.

The Profit Plan has helped thousands of business owners – from brick and mortar to digital – build resilient, prosperous businesses that fuel them, their teams and the communities they serve.

She believes in building businesses from the point of thriving and designing out how they function and sell that nourishes.

Don’t settle for how everyone else does it – create the rules that work for you.

12/10 worth every penny, give her your money.

12/10 worth every penny, give her your money.

So I talk a lot about how much I hate business coaching as an industry, Marissa is the primary exception to my disdain and loathing 😂 Create The Rules as a toolkit has been super helpful to me, and unlike a number of other business coaches I’ve done sales calls and thought about working with, Marissa *really understands* and respects my neurodivergence, as well as my political commitments and values for my life and how I want to do business, while still encouraging me and making space for me to actually grow a sustainable enterprise and not put myself under the nearest bus out of a misguided sense of service or community.

I cannot tell you how infuriating it has been to have to navigate for the last 10 years through industries and conversations where I was told that honoring my *fundamental values* as a person was “limiting beliefs” or other bullshiterous nonsense. Since I started working with Marissa I’ve double and a half’d my annual income (and the important part: increased my take home) while still being very much myself.

12/10 worth every penny, give her your money.

Past Client

A woman wearing headphones and a scarf.

“I am forever changed”

Working with Marissa shifted all of that and more. I saw myself, my gifts, and my work with fresh eyes and found ways to shift my business so that I was running it, and not the other way around. I was motivated to start implementing the great ideas I had (but often didn’t launch) and started making impact beyond what I thought was possible.

Seryna Meyers

A woman with blond hair and red lipstick.

“She’s the very best coach.”

With her guidance, support, friendship- but even more so, through her leadership and example- she inspired me to pursue my mission of opening my own fitness studio and creating the type of community that I longed to see in my industry. In my humble opinion, Marissa isn’t only a great coach. She’s the very best coach. There is not one business, or person, that would not benefit from working with her.

Zita Dube-Lockhart