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Private Business Coaching & Strategy

Before You Book

Coaching packages are available. All costs and what is included is listed below and give approximate value of what you can expect. Each business is different and the packages I create are built to match the business. Before we get there, I like to meet and chat with each potential client before we book. I offer complimentary 45 minute coaching sessions. No selling, just open coaching to see if there is a fit. After that call, I will send a follow up email outlining the package I think would best suit the goals you want to create and achieve.

Business meeting

Marissa Loewen

Your Transformational Business Coach

I ask the powerful questions you need to build a thriving, resilient, prosperous business.

Coaching is a powerful tool that allows you to create the rules around your own business – tools and tactics that work for you. I do bring in my over 20 years experience owning brick and mortar stores, pop ups and online businesses as well the marketing, communications, sales funnels and pricing strategies that bring you ease. I step into idea curation mode during our sessions to help you create stunning goals and the tools and tactics you need to achieve them. Real business acumen paired with powerful mindset and momentum.

I am autistic and have ADHD. I live in a fat body with disabilities. My focus is to help my clients create the business that allows them to thrive.

“Tremendous Value”

I regularly tell Marissa, she is the only person from whom I don’t mind being marketed. She’s incredibly good at what she does, and that’s because the passion, ethics, and care are all there. Even so, I honestly wasn’t expecting the tremendous value I got, right out of the gate, when joining this program. Especially at such a great price. It’s just full of innovative ways to support people and I feel welcomed and like I’m in the best hands.

Marcy Evans, Sancti

“Incredible Amount of Value”

In my short time in Create the Rules, I have gotten an incredible amount of value and I haven’t even tapped into all of the resources fully yet! Marissa is absolutely brilliant, leads with integrity and the diverse community has been super supportive with feedback on decisions that I needed to Soundboard!

Lara La Sala, Business Systems & Funnel Master

Build a growth strategy with me.

Marketing, Product & Pricing Mix, Audience Development and more. The big plans you need to get you where you’re going in your goals.

I can get the ideas out of your mind and into a cohesive plan so you know the exact steps to get you to your goal.

Co-create the best plan for your business.

Then get ongoing support all year long. When we build a plan together, you need the time, space, and resources to put it into action. With 12 months access to Create the Rules Business Accelerator you get ongoing support to improve the plan as you implement it.

Coaching the Nourishes

Building Thriving Businesses Together

My goal is to help nourish the risk takers, the change makers, the culture creators so they can build their ideas into reality with businesses that fuel them, their teams and their communities.

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Online Half Day Intensives
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These are work sessions. Bring your landing page, your product strategy, your marketing mix, your pricing, your website content, your funnel – one thing you want to create that would make a big impact in your business success.

We can work on mindset, mission and focus in these three hour blocks while also getting one massive action accomplished and ready to implement. We then followup within two weeks to integrate, implement and improve as needed to help you make this even better.

Half Day Intensive – $1050 USD

4 Hours
It is held as 3 hours on one day with a 60 minute followup for refinement and re-integration within two weeks after the first session.

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The Business Partner – Growth

Working with risk takers, change makers, and culture creators I love working on three plans to help business owners create growth within the next 12 months.

  • Business Plan – want to organize all of your ideas into one cohesive plan that allows you to easily build excited clients & customers who want what you’re putting into the world? This plan allows you to see your growth plan across all of your lines of business, hire support and implement powerful marketing.
  • Marketing Plan – Ready to reach new audiences for increased revenue? Let’s build a powerful marketing strategy you and your team can implement easily. Key messages, content strategies and the tools you want to use that you love – no cookie cutter plans here!
  • Product & Pricing Strategy – Want to expand your product line or reach a new audience with a pricing strategy that allows you to grow your business with ease? This plan gives you the exact product & pricing strategy to bring in more profit & ease.

We work together to create one of the above plans – we work as fast as you want to. Live Sessions are scheduled as we need to and we incorporate a variety of tools that help you progress forward the way that works best for you and your team. This package includes one year membership in Create the Rules Business Accelerator.

$10, 000 per fully developed plan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This is up to you and your goals. Each business owner creates the goal they are working on and determines when they want to reach it.

We are working on an outcome and we work until we get the outcome done.

Each session is 60 minutes long but if we need to, we can schedule 90 minute sessions for bigger planning.

I am very flexible about session times. I do take vacations though and will give you advance notice if time changes will affect your scheduled sessions. I am in MST timezone and will meet most clients between 9AM-8PM MST

I show up 110% when my clients do. You are the only person that can actually determine whether you reach your goal or not. I can guarantee I will always be prepared for our calls and at my best so I can be there for you.

Sometimes clients adjust the scope of their goal or find out they really want something different during the course of powerful coaching. That’s normal! We are uncovering beliefs and ideas that you might have borrowed from others and doesn’t reflect where you really are. We can always adjust the package and add more sessions as needed to get you where you want to be.

Yes absolutely. There are many flexible ways to pay. I do ask that sessions are paid prior to them happening in order to ensure there is a smooth flow of the sessions and both of our time is scheduled appropriately.

Please reschedule at least 24 hours in advance if possible. I understand that emergencies come up. Our contract ends 6 months after we begin though to ensure we have a mutual goal of the outcome we want to create together.

Absolutely! You can cancel at any time during the first three sessions and a full refund will be returned minus the administration cost of the first three sessions. For example, if you cancel after the first session, you will be refunded the full amount minus the cost of the first three sessions regardless if the sessions were used.

Any aspect of running a business from profit to pricing and a mix of life coaching as well. We want thriving, healthy, happy business owners being fuelled by prosperous, resilient, thriving businesses.

Are you ready to be supported in your goals?

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