Little Podcast of Big Questions

Little Podcast of Big Questions

Big Questions for Big Answers

This podcast works two ways. You can listen to the short explanations Marissa provides on each question or you can learn how others use the questions in their life and business as Marissa interviews them for regular podcasts.
Different people will use the questions in different ways so there is endless opportunities for expanding the way you interact with the questions as well.

Marissa Loewen


Community Catalyst, communicator, creative entrepreneur and transformational business coach, Marissa Loewen, brings her signature style of “What if?” exploration to questions that are like tiny ripples turning into big waves.



Choose your favourite question or the question that applies to a big shift or decision in your life or career & come tell that story on the podcast. Marissa will also pull a random card from the deck – The Little Box of Big Questions to give you a spontaneous question to explore on the show.


Choose A Question or
Let the Question Choose You

There are a lot of questions to choose from! Maybe a few are calling to you but you want to pick one for the podcast.
Try out our random card selection.
Click on the deck and get a random question pulled for you from the Little Deck of Big Questions.
You can always choose again using the link below the card deck.

The printed decks can be purchased at


Want to Be on the Podcast?

Choose the question that you have used in your life or business or one you would like to explore with the host, Marissa. Then Apply Here

  • How Do You Maintain Momentum?

  • How Can You Make Your Desires a Priority?

  • What Is Your Intuition Asking You to Notice?

  • What IS Possible?

  • What Are You Waiting For?

  • Why Are Your Goals Important To You?

  • Is This True For You?

  • What Else?

  • Who Or What Does This Impact Beyond You?

  • What Will Be Your Legacy?

  • How Will You Know You Are Successful?

  • Is This a Hell Yes or a Hell No?

  • How Do You Create the Rules?

  • What Impact Does Achieving Your Goals Have on Others?

  • Why Is It Important?

  • How Are You Living On Purpose?

  • Who Are You When You Are At Your Best?

  • How Are You Successful Right Now?

  • What Do You Need to Make Someday Happen Today?

  • How Can You Invite Ease Into Your Life?

  • What Are You Thankful For?

  • Where Could You Have More Joy In Your Life?

  • WHO Can Help You Make This Even Better?

  • What Would Make You Love This Even More?

  • What Is The Gift In This?

  • How Do You Create More Momentum?

  • How Can This Be Easy?

  • What Fears Are You Working With?

  • What Do You Know for Sure?

Powerful Questions for Powerful Growth

Pick your question and tell us how you use it in your life and career.

After you apply, an email will be sent to follow up and give you an online calendar to book your session.

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