Affiliate Partners

Mission Statement

Create the Rules is about asking powerful questions and creating change in the world. In a profit first, but anti-colonial capitalist format, we create resilient and prosperous small businesses that support the business owner, the employees and the movement they want to design.

And that’s why we work with affiliates. We are all about redistributing wealth and sharing in success. Our affiliate partners believe in our products and services and already share why they are instrumental in success for small business owners. When they talk about our products and their audience also joins the Create the Rules community, we want to share that success by paying them a portion of whatever product and service they sell on our behalf.

Each program offers between 25-50% commission depending on if they are already a Create the Rules Community. If you love our message and our format, but don’t need the products and services right now for your business, you can still be an affiliate and earn 25% from each product sold with your unique link.

Past and current members of Create the Rules Community, you are rewarded with 50% commission of all products sold through your unique link.

Please note, our partners are not in this just to earn an income, create a quick sale or want to just close deals. We are building a movement of support, nurturing, incubation and prosperity.
We are looking for partners who are invested in that vision and are not afraid to advocate for a shared wealth economy where small businesses are the focus.


Together we work together to build audiences, support small business owners and entrepreneurs so they get access to real help, real business knowledge and real skills to help them grow.

We are not in this for the quick sale or the close.

This is about ensuring small business owners have the right skills to prosper.


Have never purchased a product or service from Create the Rules

We might share a similar audience, but you don’t currently need what we have at Create the Rules and that’s ok! We offer all affiliates who haven’t purchased anything from us 25% of all sales they earn through their unique link. If you do purchase from us in the future you will automatically be eligible for our partner rate of 50%.

What’s Included

  • 25% of purchase priced earned on all sales that are not refunded.
    Paid via Paypal 45 days after refund period.

  • Affiliate Member area with content, images, video and launch calendars

  • Recognition as collaborators on social media


Have already purchased Create the Rules Profit Plan, The Rich Pitch or the All In Business Coaching Package.

We love our Create the Rules Community and we know you are already recommending products and services to your colleagues and customers. We want to acknowledge and share in our success as we grow because you’re not only the reason why we do this but your recommending us helps us grow and reach more people too.

What’s Included

  • 50% of purchase price earned on all sales that are not refunded. Paid via Paypal 45 days after refund period.

  • Affiliate Member area with content, images, video and launch calendars.

  • Recognition as partners & early access to all future products & services at exclusive prices.


Give your students a unique profit boost in their business (while earning additional income for yourself) when you add on a customized Create the Rules Profit Plan webinar bonus to your launch funnel or membership site.

Our Promise

We will commit to this partnership as much as you do. We are here to support other small businesses so everyone has a chance to thrive, prosper and be resilient across changing economic times.

Our courses and products are built for success. They are created from working with hundreds of small business owners across many sectors and include both brick and mortar business as well as digital.

This is truly a collaboration between brands. We know that by recommending Create the Rules, you are putting your brand with ours. We are here to support you as we work together.

Your business becomes a part of our network and we are happy to promote you and the work you are doing in the world. Let us know how we can support you!
We create email templates you can send out that help you outline the benefits of the products and services
Branded and customizable templates to fit your brand.

You can market year round as evergreen or participate in our launch times. Add on your own bonuses if they sign through your link.

After you apply to the program, we may follow up with additional questions within 72 hours of you applying. We thank you for your interest in the program.
We reserve the right to limit affiliates and to suspend the program at any time.