Occupational Loneliness and The Impact to Business Owners

It Started with Researching Occupational Loneliness

The first time I heard the term Occupational Loneliness, I felt it in my core. Occupational loneliness is one of the leading causes to a decline in mental health in entrepreneurs and business owners and it is a bigger issue than just working alone in your house. Occupational loneliness is the feeling that no one knows what you’re going through as a business owner, can’t understand the obstacles and opportunities available and can’t understand the unique pressure and stress you’re under.

There a few online co-working spaces out there. Usually held on Zoom and they are more about productivity than providing a space where you can be among other business owners.

Create the Rules Catalyst is a combination of productivity, companionship, collaboration and idea curation. We chat about our lives, our businesses, our goals, our plans – it’s really about building solid relationships with co-workers who care. A community of care.

One of the ways I knew we had reached a special spot within the Accelerator was when direct competitors in a niche met and are now collaborators in both building their businesses but also pursuing activism within their niche together.

Sometimes when dealing with personal events, it can be a challenge to manage your day-to-day business, nevermind actually focusing on growth. The rooms in Create the Rules Catalyst are accessible 24/7. This means any member can access the rooms whenever they need them. I love bouncing into the room at midnight my time to see the members in Europe working together. Weekends there are usually more than a few working to get their task lists done before the coming week.

Working on our businesses happens sometimes when we can. Especially if we have caregiving duties for kids or relatives. Or if we have disabilities and illnesses.

How To Know You Have Occupational Loneliness

Just a few of the signs we have noticed.

  • Boredom & Lack of Productivity.

  • A feeling that no one gets you or understands what you do for your career.

  • Exhaustion, depression, and not meeting your goals.

This is real life. And knowing that I am in a room with other folks who get it because they have the same things to think about – this is priceless.

I put together a monthly tour of what it’s like to be in the Accelerator but nothing can quite capture what it’s like to be in a room full of people who understand what you’re going through and who are ready to lend a shoulder to lean on and also ready with jazz hands to celebrate you. We have something special here and I think the best thing we can do is keep offering it to more business owners who want to be nourished.

If you’re a business owner, change maker or culture creator and you want to know more about what we are doing – come try us out. We meet every Tuesday at 1PM EST in our Fireside Room to chat profit.