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Your skills as an OBM help your clients thrive. Asking the right questions helps you (and them) get better results with more ease. Whether you use these for yourself to grow your own business or to help your clients, these powerful questions are designed to get you in forward momentum.

The Little Box of Big Questions

Each card has a different powerful question on it. Take the question and apply it to whatever challenge or opportunity you currently have in your life or business.
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Use the cards as a daily journal prompt to give your day a different intentional focus.

The cards can be used to build relationships. Present each person with the question and have them write down their answer separately then exchange.

The cards can be used in team building, goal-planning, and for building detailed tools and tactics for achieving the goals you want to create in your life & career.


Sometimes the questions seem really simple. But if you sit with the question and pause before answering, the best answer isn’t always your first answer.

The questions are designed to be applicable to any situation in your life, relationships or career.

When I was first creating these cards, I sent out samples during an online challenge I was holding. A participant received five of the questions in this pack. She used them with her sons to create powerful learning opportunities for them. Even when they had chores to do, such as cleaning their room. Her oldest son picked the card “What would make this even better?” He then went around to the different parts of his room and asked that question. He had a lot of things on his desk and he said “It would be better if this was completely cleaned off because I would have more room to draw.”

Cleaning his room became about creating opportunities to do what he loved. After a bullying incident at school her youngest son pulled the question “Who or what does this impact beyond you?” They were able to talk about what happens when people are bullied, why bullying happens and how it can be prevented. Her son saw the impact outside of himself.

Another example came in from a person who pulled “How will you know you have achieved success?” She was liberated by this question because for her entire adult life, she was basing her success on what her family or society expected success to look like.

She had always wanted to be a writer and started by recognizing that success to her could be measured in word counts and publishing her first book. Almost a year later, she’s working on her second book. Another person used that same question to create joy and celebration in her business. She had been over-working herself because she felt like she was never achieving her goals but didn’t recognize all of the achievements she was fulfilling on the way to her goal.

Success is like going for a drive somewhere. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know you got there?


Two of my favourite questions are How can you make this easy and how can this bring you more ease?

Easy is when a task is simple and it can be done right away. It doesn’t require a lot of time, energy or money to accomplish. It’s just easy.

Ease is when it takes away or doesn’t create stress or strain on us. Sometimes going the easy route doesn’t actually bring us ease because we will have to redo something later on with more effort and work to cover the easy way we did it at first.

For example, hiring someone could be easy and bring you ease if they work effectively for you. If they are not the right fit, it could also put a lot of strain on you and your business. Knowing the difference and knowing to plan for both could help you be healthier and find more joy in your life.

Questions to Create Ease

  • What happens when you have ease in your life?
  • What do you notice about yourself when you have ease?
  • What can you bring in to your life that would create more ease?
  • Are you intentionally choosing ease in your life?


Many people like to use similar card deck for answers so the difference is with this deck you’re going to get intuitive questions given to you to ask about a situation and instead of the card deck giving you an answer, you will create the answer for yourself. I have found this really works well in traditional past, present, future spreads to help me fully learn lessons, see what is in front of me now and how to prepare for future growth using the questions that come up for those placements. Experiment with other tarot or oracle deck spreads and use the questions to help you see the opportunity or obstacle in an objective way.

The questions can help you take yourself out of the situation and into the role of an observer.


For questions like “Who are you becoming?” it feels like it is just asking you to look into the future you – and it is. But you can also examine it from the now. Everything we do is a choice.

What are you doing right now to move you to your goals? What do you notice about yourself as you make decisions? What do you currently enjoy about the way you make decisions? What would make it even better?

When you look to the future to see who you are becoming, it doesn’t discount all that you are now. We are constantly learning, growing and changing, but they can be really subtle movements too. Being able to recognize any shifts we do within ourselves, gives us an opportunity to not only celebrate who we are but appreciate how complex and inspiring we are every day of our lives.

The question “Why are your goals important to you?” also has two meanings. One is to look at your current goals you are working towards & actually recognize why they are your goals, why they are important and how do they impact your life.
The other aspect is to connect to why you even make goals. Sometimes we do it just because others are. Think of New Year’s resolutions or during religious observations, like Lent. But when we connect why we make goals to our own needs and wants or to our desire for change, they become more tangible. Those reasons will be different for everyone.

For me, I value finishing tasks. I make goals to feel successful in that I reached it and finished the task. I think about what I like about myself when I finish the task. What do I notice about myself when I finish the task? How does me finishing a task impact others around me? Is it a positive or negative impact? Sometimes we think we know why we have created a goal for ourselves, but when we sit and reflect on where the idea of the goal came from, we discover we borrowed it from someone else and it is not what we wanted at all.

The question “What would make this even better?” is given this way for a reason. Too often we are our harshest critics when it comes to mistakes and what we label failures. This question allows us to look at what worked and didn’t work but to frame each in a way that we can always do things with a little more ease or make it easy. Even what worked might need a bit of an improvement. It’s ok to look at things that happened as they were and look forward to the next step where we do things differently.


The best thing I have done for myself is keeping these cards wherever I can access them. I often get into anxiety situations and I find that when I do, pulling a question gives me the time, space and clarity to focus on the solution instead of the problem giving me anxiety. It has also helped me build stronger relationships with people sharing our unique answers to the questions when faced with the same obstacles. Being aware that I can learn from how someone else approaches and answers the questions, has allowed me to get outside my own head when problem solving. We each come to the question and create the answer based on our learned experiences and personal biases. Being curious about how other people react or respond to the question is an amazing gift.

Sometimes we are surprised by our own answers. As I have mentioned, sometimes the right answer isn’t the first one that comes to our mind. Take time with the questions. Don’t rush the answers and let your mind notice things about the question that will help you to make even better decisions. I would love to hear how they work for you or how you use them.

About The Card Maker

Marissa Loewen is a Transformational Business Coach for Small Business Owners. Her Little Box of Big Questions was designed to help people use powerful questions to fuel reflection, growth and critical thinking. The 50 powerful questions have been used in many ways including business planning sessions, mediation, icebreakers and personal journalling.

The printed decks can be purchased at amazon.ca