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Be in the Room

Beautifully crafted leather products.

We do the work WITH you while you’re in the room – from idea curation, strategy, marketing, content co-writing, social media, design, branding, coaching, mentoring and more. Support is available throughout the week with leading experts, strategists and designers.

All experts are compensated and have been members for at least six months.

In the virtual workrooms

Done WITH You exists in the intersection of DIY and DFY. Where DIY is a big part of being a business owner, it can take a lot of time to sift through how-to videos, scan through workbooks and try to learn complicated software. Combined with executive dysfunction, ADHD and other neurovariant disabilities, DIY can result in halted or slowed growth.

Done For You is another option but can be very expensive for many business owners.

Create the Rules Catalyst is built on Done WITH You. It means that while you are in the virtual rooms with us, we are there to help you work on your business.

Co-Working and Body Doubling

We have several virtual co-working rooms on our innovative platform (hosted on the community game-changer GoBrunch) where business owners can work silently or ‘out loud’. Catalyst members can bring in whatever they are working on and work with other impact-driven business owners. During moderated co-working, experts and strategists are available for personalized support – from ideation to strategy to implementing in real-time.

Body Doubling

Body Doubling is a unique experience. For some people, it can be beneficial to be working alongside someone else. It persuades the brain to work too! This is really helpful for business owners with ADHD. READ MORE ABOUT BODY DOUBLING FOR BUSINESS OWNERS

Looks Like…

With 35+ hours a week available to you for moderated co-working with experts & strategists and 24/7 rooms for community-led support.

I need help writing a sales funnel

Can you test

out this sales page?

Can we go through my pricing strategy?
I need help analyzing these ads stats & email open rates
I need help designing an audience building strategy

From idea to implementation

There is a special magic that happens in the room. You don’t need to have a question, a project or a challenge to come into the rooms. Some of the best experiences have happened when people came into the room to enjoy a cup of coffee with their virtual co-workers or were silently working on their social media. While in the room, they heard what other business owners and entrepreneurs are working on and it prompts an exploration of what that tool or tactic might look like in their own business.

We can help you “try on” the idea and see if it works with your growth or scale plan and tailor it to work in your business. We can also help you say a HELL NO to the shoulds and coulds that might otherwise derail you from achieving your goals.

We manage FOMO and Society Expectations right in the room with you!


We can help you create a workback plan, a launch plan, course design, brand design, communications and marketing plan to support the new initiatives you are working on. We work alongside you to plan, create and implement in real-time.

Done WITH you can vary in the Catalyst. The big difference between other service styles is we don’t owe you anything outside the Workroom. We work on your business when you are in the room.

We sometimes work on several businesses at the same time when there are a few people in the workrooms and sometimes we are working 1:1 in private rooms.

But we do it with you – sometimes jumping right into Canva to design a brand or social campaign, into your Google Doc to help re-write content or get you started with co-writing session when you don’t know what to say at all.

Sometimes we are logging into your website or your email system to get you to the next step.

We are not a replacement for Admin support but we are a catalyst to get you to the next step when you need support.