Grow. Pivot. Leap.

Changing the Way we Do Business

The Background

I love coaching. I love asking powerful questions and helping my clients to plan big. If you have worked with me you know that I see things you might not have ever considered because I have a special talent for looking at an opportunity or an obstacle from multiple perspectives. I love working with clients who struggled previously with coaching, because of the cookie cutter approaches to building a business that didn’t work for them and together we built businesses that thrived and nourished them as a business owner.

But I am called to create something else in the world. With the event in May, we learned many lessons – trust me, we did. We want to do it again in October, but bigger and we want to build a content network for business owners to thrive in, for sponsors to get recognition in and for people to learn, explore and expand in. Having real conversations about real businesses – not just the SEO and social media tactics – but racism, ableism, accessibility, team building, social impact, deconstructing late stage colonial capitalism, profit without wealth hoarding and all the other tough topics we don’t necessarily have answers yet to but we want to explore – together.

So, I need to raise some capital. For one, I need to pay my keynote speakers from May. They did an amazing job and we just didn’t meet the ticket sales in order to cover their costs. We needed to do the event in order for us to figure out how to do it better. But I still have to pay my people.

Two, I need some income saved up for me to fully invest in setting this system and community up right.

So here is my pitch to you.

I am retiring 1:1 coaching and business strategy until I build my new project & get it launched. So I am offering over the next 3 months the opportunity to work with me in the way you need.

I ask BIG questions as a coach and as a strategist, I curate ideas for you to try on and implement in your business. You won’t find any cookie cutter solutions being told to you – this is your business and you get to create the rules around what that looks like. My job is to help consider the impact, the outcome and help you create the action plan to achieve it.

The Offers

Two Months 1:1 Strategy & Coaching – $2500 USD (Regular Price: $4000)

  • 8 1:1 60 Minute Zoom Sessions.
  • Unlimited Text Laser Coaching in the two months. Yes, that means if you text me at 11PM and I am awake, there is a good chance I will reply with a powerful question or a bit of strategy for you to try out. We don’t necessarily build businesses in the 9 to 5 so this support is all in so you can have maximum growth when you need it.
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Half Day Intensive Strategy Session – $850 USD (Regular Price: $1650)

  • Have an idea but don’t know how you can monetize it online? No problem. In this work session, we will workshop your idea, create a product or service, a quarterly or yearly pricing strategy, how you will make it easy for people to buy from you AND the marketing strategy to get it going. You will receive 3 Hours of powerful questions, idea curation and tactics for implementation. 3 Hour Coaching & Strategy Session.
  • Then we will meet again within the next 2 weeks for another power hour to refine and focus on implementation of the idea we workshopped together.
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Build Your Own Package

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Hi, I am Your Chief Nourishment Officer

Hi! I am Marissa. With over 20+ years in marketing, communications, media relations, business strategy, online marketing, email marketing and web design combined with over 9 years of running my own events company, I am a coach, a strategist and an idea curator for leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs. I have a special skills of seeing all of the opportunities, obstacles and outcomes for ideas and helping my clients create the best solutions for themselves.

I am moving into a new direction where I create platforms, events and community spaces for business owners to come together, meet each other and discover new connections that help them create real change in the world. It’s not always going to be an easy conversation but we will do it together. That’s the key. Truly together. The people I want to work with going forward are all in for their business, their own personal nourishment and the nurturing and investment of the communities they live in and benefit from.

Let’s Create the Rules – together.

What is Coaching?

I am not here to teach you, mentor you or tell you what to do. This is your business, your rules, your profit, your growth. Coaching explores beliefs, tools, tactics and goals from the future sense. Is it true for you? Why is it important to you? What would make this even better?

Create the Rules

What You are Helping Me Build – The Content Network

I already have 67 podcast episodes recorded, 13 YouTube Interviews and several additional business content series for YouTube I have written. I need time to edit them and knowing I have cash in the bank and my bills are paid allows me to focus on that. I am excited to be able to move into this next stage of my business and I am excited to help your business grow alongside mine. Let’s do this together!