Luma vs Eventbrite – Which One Is Better for Small Business Events

Luma vs Eventbrite – Which One Is Better for Small Business Events

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Lu.Ma vs Eventbrite: Comparing Two Event Platforms

Event planning and ticket sales have moved online in recent years, with various platforms emerging to help organizers manage events and sell tickets. Two of the leading event platforms are Lu.Ma and Eventbrite. While both share some similarities in core functionality, there are also some key differences between these two popular platforms.

We primarily use Lu.Ma at Create the Rules

About Lu.Ma

Lu.Ma bills itself as an all-in-one event management and ticketing solution catered towards small to medium sized events. It offers easy event setup with customization options for details like registration flows, badges, schedules, and more. Key features include:

  • Integrated ticketing allowing free, paid, and donation-based tickets
  • Event marketing tools like customizable registration flows, promo codes, referrals
  • Badge printing and check-in capabilities for attendees
  • Real-time event analytics and sales reports
  • Flexible pricing plans based on number of events and attendees
  • Lu.Ma is newer to the industry compared to Eventbrite but has grown in popularity for its simplicity and affordability.

About Eventbrite

Founded in 2006, Eventbrite is one of the largest and most established event platforms available today. It provides a robust set of features tailored more for larger events and organizations. Some key capabilities include:

  • Customizable event pages with promotion via Eventbrite’s marketplace
  • 200+ integration options with tools like Mailchimp, Zoom, and PayPal
  • Advanced ticket types like reserved seating and custom questions
  • Event merchandising and on-site pickup/print
  • Functionality supporting recurring events and series
  • Dedicated account management and customer support

Eventbrite offers detailed analytics and reporting for organizers. Pricing is based on ticket fees determined by event type and size.

Key Differences

While both platforms enable creating events and selling tickets, there are notable contrasts:

  • Lu.Ma offers an simpler interface and setup while Eventbrite has more complex features
  • Lu.Ma includes more marketing features out-of-the-box like promotions and referrals
  • Eventbrite has wider customization and integration capabilities
  • Lu.Ma pricing aims to be more affordable for smaller events
  • Eventbrite offers dedicated high-touch support and onboarding

In summary, Lu.Ma’s streamlined approach may appeal more to new or small event organizers, while Eventbrite suits larger and more complex events. Assessing anticipated event size and needs for custom integrations can help determine which platform is a better fit for specific use cases. Both platforms aim to help organizers monetize events, market to attendees, and facilitate engaging experiences.


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