I almost built a big fancy landing page, with lots of pictures and moving parts, but I realized a love letter to small business owners was more on point.

You’re doing this all on your own. Maybe you have a few part-time team members or you’ve hired your first bookkeeper, but the day to day work of growing an audience, creating product and service offers, developing a pricing strategy, marketing, nurturing that audience and going through all of the ideas you have and deciding which ones to act on – that’s all you.

And while I know you want to work for yourself, I know you never intended it to feel like you were doing it by yourself.

Even me, as a proud introvert, knows that being able to work with other people to expand ideas, create processes and go through the implementation needed to get the ideas out into the world is essential to success.

And I also know that when you’re building your business, it’s important to keep money in your business so you have the ability to take opportunities when they come to you.

We looked at the world of support out there and realized there was a big gap between 1:1 coaching and DIY courses. For many folks, finishing the courses was not going to happen and coaching is great for unpacking and expanding ideas but lacks the support needed to implement – especially when the business owner is working solo.

Having to learn each step, each tool and each tactic is overwhelming at best and can be extremely exhausting.

I personally wanted to see if there was a better way to support business owners to grow, scale and thrive. Using our innovative virtual platform to create opportunities for co-working, body doubling, co-writing and implementation, we can forge the best qualities behind coaching, mentorship, DIY and DFY and create a powerful way to nourish the risk takers, change makers and culture creators who are creating impact in our world.

We do this WITH you.

When you need us.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re scaling your proven offer. We even have support systems for the leaders who want to deepen their relationship with culture, commerce, and community.

Ready to step into your goals, fully supported with the next steps planned out? Take this short quiz to get a customized Success Sequence for your stage of business. The Success Sequence gives you a clear roadmap to help you reach your goals with ease.

And when you’re ready – we are too. Discover the Create the Rules support system that is designed for your current stage of business.

Be in Business for Yourself,
but Not By yourself