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The Speaker Series that Integrates Learning with Implementing

Each Month we bring you the best speakers in Create the Rules Catalyst showcasing a different theme.

Implement While You Learn

Create the Rules

Live Workshops

Be in the room with the leading experts on a wide variety of niches curated to accelerate your business.

Create the Rules Events bring action, impact and usable skills you can implement in real time.

Listen, Learn and Implement while you are IN the live Workshop or Speaker Series. Catalyst Connect Events also come with an exclusive downloadable workbook and course so you can come back to the info + experts to implement as you grow.

Implement in Real Time

Workshops & Speaker Series are designed to help you create something in real time WITH the experts presenting.

Catalyst Experts

Experts have been curated from Create the Rules Catalyst. These impact-driven business owners are here to help you thrive in your business.

Innovative Platform

No more Zoom fatigue as we host all of our workshops and speaker series on our innovative virtual platform. You only need access to a web browser to attend.