How to Fail & Still Have Fun

How to Fail & Still Have Fun

How to Fail & Still Have Fun:
Using What You Learned to Improve Your Marketing with Marissa Loewen

I had the pleasure of having a chat with Delight Howley a few weeks ago on her podcast. I’ve known Delight for a few years now in the digital business space and she is definitely someone I recommend often when people are looking to set up Facebook ads. She has recently moved into the Etsy ad realm and I think is venturing into Google Ads as well.

Here is the thing about failing. There are going to people who see your fail once and write you off. That’s ok. What they don’t know is that all good things that we enjoy in the world faced several failures on the path to greatness.

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How to still have fun using what you need to improve your marketing.

So if people do respond that way – you have no business taking on that energy. In fact, call upon all the powers in the world to repel it because it’s just not what we need to normalize. Find yourself the people who sit and test all your stuff and are in it to discover what would make it even better.

I have been very open about both my disabilities and my mental health in the past. It comes with a price where people don’t want to have anything to do with my limitations. But I don’t care because I am here for the people who are in it for my opportunities. Because even though my ADHD and autism impact how I work in the neuro typical world, they also shape it for incredible outcomes.

I am really good at what I do for business owners. But not all business owners. And with failing, your ability to get back up again is your ability to keep your eyes focused on where you want to be and invite those who also see your vision and have the space, the confidence and the strength to be with you until you get there.

You might find the people who left you at the start are waiting for some of your magic at the finish line. Then the question is – do you have the time for them when the vision is completed? That’s up to you.

Right now, focus on what you can do and change right now. Find the community that holds you up even when you stumble.

We go into a lot of juicy bits of marketing awesome in the whole podcast that has very little with what I wrote here. Go read it and let me know what you think in our free community on our private forum.

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