How do your goals bring you joy?

How do your goals bring you joy?

Letting your goals create joy in your life and career

Coaching clients is an amazing opportunity to observe behaviours we all do subconsciously. It’s a great opportunity for me to notice where I am doing things on automation as well as I get to mirror my client’s words and actions back to them. Joy is a topic I continually find fascinating because one small, three-lettered word is translated & experienced in a different way by everyone who experiences it.
I worked with a client who had a big list of goals she wanted to create in her business. A 6-Figure business, lots of clients, a really full calendar of public speaking and events that she would be at. I started off asking her what a six-figure business means to her. She answered “I want to make six figures.”

I asked the following clarifying questions:

  • When you say six figures, is that $100,000 or $999,000, because there is a big difference between those numbers.
  • Is that amount in total sales? Profit? Before taxes or after taxes?
  • What does that amount pay for in your business and life to bring more joy or ease?

At that point, we stopped and did a proper budget and financial forecast for her business. (That’s the first exercise in The Create the Rules Business Audit & Profit Plan, by the way) I swear by this unique exercise because every client or participant in Create the Rules walks away from it with a new appreciation for how much joy, ease and support means to them in their life and business. But it’s also instrumental for doubling, tripling or quadrupling your profits because without knowing your numbers, you will never know if you actually are profitable or resilient in your business.

The next set of questions focused on the “lots of clients and full calendar” part of her goals. My client had three young kids, a partner and was involved in her local theatre, both serving on the board and regular treading the boards as an actress. Her full work schedule didn’t seem aligned with the other parts of her life that were already proven to bring her joy.

We did a time assessment coaching exercise and soon realized that she didn’t really want to be as “on” in her business as goals originally suggested. She wanted to make the income but the thought of putting in all of the hours with clients, travelling and speaking gigs made her exhausted already. I asked her where those goals came from. Turns out she took an online course from a guru that guaranteed having a sold out speaking tour was the ONLY way you could build a quick audience fast in order to sell your products and services. The guru’s pitch hooked her in and she was sold on this tactic. A tactic that worked for someone else. A few powerful coaching questions later, we developed a plan for her to build her audience organically and in line with her ability to create products and services that allowed her to still be an actress and enjoy time with her family and friends.

Sometimes we make goals because we think we should make them. They might be real goals for you or they might be borrowed from someone else’s expectations of what good goals are. How do you know the goals you create are the best for you? What do your goals mean to you? What do you notice about yourself when you think about your goals? Are they bringing you joy?


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