How Can You Give Yourself Permission?

How Can You Give Yourself Permission?

How Can You Give Yourself Permission?

This is an excerpt from the little podcast of big questions. I’m your host Marissa Loewen.

Let’s face it – We live in a world with so much shame and judgement being commonplace that we seek to the world for permission to do,  to feel, to react and respond and be ourselves.

So it’s no surprise that a card that says how can you give yourself permission, is sometimes a little shocking and a little earth-shattering – because we think that we are giving ourselves permission to do, be, feel, react, but we realized that we really aren’t and we can sometimes know that this card is really relevant when we are holding back on either acknowledging our desires or wants or even our needs or maybe we just aren’t going ahead on that project or maybe we hold ourselves back and we second-guess and we load on the self-doubt so much that we no longer believe in our own ability to get it done.

The card how can you give yourself permission is really also about looking within.

What kind of proof do you need? What kind of reassurance do you need? What kind of support do you need? What kind of nourishment and nurturing do you need in your life, in order for you to give yourself permission to be or to do or to feel? And this is something that can take a little bit of self-exploration, especially when it comes to nourishing and nurturing, because we not always can get it from other people or our environment.

So sometimes we have to go within and then think about the nurturing and nourishing that we can do ourselves in order to give us permission to do, be, feel react and respond. We really are our best friend. We are our best love. And if we can start within and look at ourselves and look at what we do in the world, we can start to give ourselves permission. We can start to believe in ourselves. We can start to accumulate the proof we need in order for us to feel safe. In order for us to feel nurtured in order for us to feel nourished the card is how can you give yourself permission but what do you need in order for you to give yourself permission?

But what do YOU need in order for yourself to feel safe to move ahead. This is all about momentum. It’s all about moving forward, but it’s also about self-love nurturing and nourishment.

How Can You Give Yourself Permission?

Permission is an interesting thing. Because we can be going against what society things what we should be doing but also what we think we are allowed or capable of doing. This card asks you to examine what you personally need to feel good about taking a leap or sticking with a decision or acknowledging your desires. Do you need proof? Self-care? Therapy? Forgiveness of others? Forgiveness of yourself?

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