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Big Questions,
Small Sparks

Listen to the Private Podcast. Ideas to Share with Friends & Colleagues bringing the “What If?” into the what we know now to create thriving businesses together.


The Profit Plan – Know
Your Numbers

How much revenue does your business need to bring in over the next 12 months in order for you to build a thriving resilient business that nourishes you, your team, & the community you serve.

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Customer Lifecycle

Plan for profit with The Profit Plan. Download an easy to implement customer journey map to help you create a stellar marketing plan with ease. This is an excerpt from The Profit Plan.

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Selling with Events Checklist

Get an in-depth checklist of steps you can do right now before your next podcast, summit or tradeshow to sell before, during or after the event.

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Fireside Chats &,
PWYC Masterclasses

One hour connections on planning for profit, using events to grow your business and how to use your fear to create a stellar, thriving business.

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