The 4-1-1 on your 404 Page

Don’t ignore the all important 404 page. It’s the page people go to when they mistype a page URL or you moved or deleted a page on your site and the old URL is floating around in the ethers of the internet.

Let’s build your 404 to help you sell more and more!

Take it a Step Further

While want to make sure sales pages go to Waiting Lists and expired pages have a 301 redirect for SEO purposes, sometimes we just miss things or our clients mistype. The 404 page is your best friend in not only getting them where they need to be but also to help you get them where you want them to be.

What Can Be On Your 404?

  • Post your opt-ins – Darcy with Sweet Tooth Creative in the example above uses her Brand Flavor Quiz
  • your latest offers
  • your blog posts
  • AS SEEN ON links or Media Mentions
  • Testimonials
  • Social Media Links – give them a special opt-in when they send you a DM and you have your chat bot set up to deliver it
  • Your Text Offer – they text you to your Project Broadcast number and get a special offer
  • You can even create a SPECIAL 404 offer that only is available when they land on that page. Make it so juicy they want to share your page with other people

Show Off Your 404!

Post your website below in the comments and we will go check out your 404 to give you feedback and celebrate with you too!