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Famira Green

Famira Green

“In the world that we live in now, community is vital”

“In the world that we live in now, community is vital; if you don’t have one, you’re not going to have a successful business. It’s important to recognize the difference between merely building an audience and cultivating a genuine community for personal and professional growth.”
– Famira Green

Episode Summary:
In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into the importance of radical self-awareness, asking for help, and the power of community-focused brand coaching for women entrepreneurs. We discuss tools like gene keys that offer valuable insights into our true nature and how understanding ourselves allows us to ask for the right kind of help. We also explore the significance of rest and self-nourishment, setting boundaries, and fostering a sense of community in business. Join us as we examine the power of influencers, TikTok live shopping, teamwork for success, creating sacred spaces in communities, and fostering community through social media. Finally, we delve into the concept of expansion as a personal mission and how focusing on this vital aspect of self-discovery can push us beyond our perceived limitations. Don’t miss this empowering conversation that will inspire you to embrace the potential for expansion in your own life!


(0:00:04) – Radical Self-Awareness
(0:06:33) – Asking for Help in Community
(0:15:22) – Risk Takers and Community
(0:28:54) – Teamwork for Success
(0:33:11) – Creating Sacred Spaces in Communities
(0:42:44) – Fostering Community Through Social Media
(0:56:49) – Expanding Capabilities Through Mission

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:04) – Radical Self-Awareness (6 Minutes)
In this exciting conversation, we dive into the importance of knowing oneself and asking for help, exploring the role of community-focused brand coaching in helping women entrepreneurs build authentic communities. We discuss the significance of radical self-awareness in understanding what kind of help to ask for, and the transformational effects of using tools like gene keys to gain insight into one’s true nature. We address the challenges that cultural expectations and environmental factors pose in asking for help, and how gaining permission to ask for help in a way that best serves us can lead to a deeper level of confidence.

(0:06:33) – Asking for Help in Community (9 Minutes)
Understanding the importance of rest and self-nourishment is crucial for personal and professional success. We discuss how embracing rest and setting boundaries can help refuel creativity, leading to increased productivity and better overall well-being. By recognizing and communicating what we need to nourish ourselves, we can more effectively help others and maintain harmony in our lives. This conversation also explores the importance of asking for help within a community and how fostering a cooperative environment can encourage others to seek assistance when needed. Ultimately, prioritizing self-care and embracing the art of asking for help can lead to a more fulfilling and successful life’

(0:15:22) – Risk Takers and Community (14 Minutes)
Fostering a sense of community and embracing vulnerability are essential aspects of building a successful business. We examine the power of influencers and their ability to create strong communities through transparency and openness. By sharing their struggles and seeking help from others, business owners can create a supportive environment that benefits everyone involved. TikTok live shopping serves as a fascinating example of fast commerce and community-driven success. The hosts discuss how these live streams rely on the engagement and support of viewers, showcasing the importance of community in modern business practices. We also explore the concept of risk-taking in business and the need for grace and understanding towards those who embark on new ventures.

(0:28:54) – Teamwork for Success (4 Minutes)
We explore the significance of acknowledging and elevating the support systems behind successful individuals in the business world. By recognizing the contributions of those who have helped us on our journey, we foster a sense of gratitude and interconnectedness that benefits everyone involved. We also discuss the reluctance of some people to share their sources of support, such as coaches and mentors, and the potential drawbacks of this mindset. Ultimately, giving credit to the team behind the scenes strengthens both personal and professional relationships, and encourages a more collaborative and supportive environment for growth and success’

(0:33:11) – Creating Sacred Spaces in Communities (10 Minutes)
Creating and maintaining sacred spaces within communities is crucial for fostering a thriving and supportive environment. We discuss the importance of mindful exclusion and understanding that not all spaces are for everyone, as well as the value of nurturing community members by addressing their needs and desires. Recognizing the difference between merely building an audience and cultivating a genuine community is essential for personal and professional growth’

(0:42:44) – Fostering Community Through Social Media (14 Minutes)
Cultivating a strong sense of community is vital for business success, regardless of the size of one’s following or perceived expertise. We examine how influencers excel at fostering community through their social media interactions, and how business owners can learn from their approach. Encouraging communication and connection within a community can result in powerful personal and professional growth for all involved. As we discuss how to nourish oneself and others, we emphasize the importance of extending grace to oneself and recognizing the ongoing process of personal evolution.

(0:56:49) – Expanding Capabilities Through Mission (1 Minutes)
In this heartfelt conversation, we delve into the concept of expansion as a personal mission, emphasizing its importance in our emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. By focusing on this vital aspect of self-discovery, we can push beyond our perceived limitations and inspire others to do the same. We express our gratitude for the support and encouragement from our community, as well as the opportunities to share our insights through various platforms. Join us in this empowering discussion and embrace the potential for expansion in your own life’


Welcome to another live of the nourish the risk takers podcast. Just a reminder of this. We do put it out live everywhere, wherever you’re seeing this pop up on your screen right now, but then we do take it down and put the audio on as a podcast so you can listen wherever you listen to podcasts. The official launch for this podcast will be next week We’ll be putting the rest of the the recordings up this weekend, but and we’ll have a big party next week, but I am so excited. One, because I’ve known from Europe, like online for a bazillion years I don’t know, six, seven, I don’t even know forever. It seems like forever. But I’ve never got to talk to you like this, and this is like so exciting that we get to do this. Plus, everybody in my community was like, oh my gosh, you get to talk to Verint. Like, it’s been like a celebrity the week this past week since we announced it Everybody’s been like, okay. Okay. I gotta watch this. So I’m excited to have you here. Welcome to Nurse, the risk takers Do you wanna give us a little intro about who you are and what you do in the world? First of all, hey. Hey. Hey. I’m so excited to to be having this conversation with you and then, like, connect. So hello to everybody that’s watching and listening.

I am familiar. I am a community focused brand coach and most people are like, what does that mean? So, essentially, I work in branding with women entrepreneurs, but we do it with a community focus. Around actually building their communities in a very authentic way so that you don’t feel like you’re always having to be on or in a forming type of stance to grow your brand and your business. So I talk everything, content creation, messaging, really understanding yourself just as much as you understand your target target audience. So And I love that approach.

When we talk about nourish the risk takers, I think Our ability to ask for help, but also our ability to receive help is so key to knowing ourselves. Do you want to give me a little bit about your in sight about and feel free to do it from the gene keys. Feel free to do it from the community perspective of what that means of knowing yourself in order to be able to receive and ask for help? So the whole thing for me is that if you don’t really understand yourself, and how you actually operate and what makes you keeps you healthy, what keeps you motivated, having that radical self awareness, how how do you even know what to ask for when it comes to help. Right?

So a lot of times, even if you are someone who doesn’t have a issue with asking for help, which we know is not many people, especially women, if you are a person that still can ask for help, a lot of times the help you receive may feel shallow. It may feel, you know, it may help temporarily, but it doesn’t help you really at a sole level. Because you’re not asking for the right thing. And you’re not asking for the right thing because you don’t know what the right thing is. And so you bring it up jinkies, you know, that’s that’s my jam right there.

That’s the thing that I work with my clients on because it really does give you a lot of insight and a lot of times what my clients find out is that the very way that they’ve been the value design to show up in the world oftentimes is the exact way that people have told them not to be throughout their life. Right? You know, and not necessarily always in a malicious way, but just simply the fact of you know, them may be wanting something different for them or whatever the case may be. And so you get people that were literally designed to be super outspoken and bravado and they’re being told, you’re doing too much or calm down. You know, the people who are naturally designed as researchers that wanna know all the facts and them being told it’ll take all of that. Why you wanna know all of that, why you’re asking me a million questions, you know, those types of things.

And so when it comes to a really being nourished, there is literally a specific gene key sphere that can give you insight into that. Around what actually keeps you healthy. And that’s the radiant sphere. And understanding that about yourself, you’ll know not only the type of help you need, but also the way in which the help needs to kinda be wrapped too for you to be able to receive it the best. So, you know, you mentioned that people learn how to ask for help, and it might be the wrong way because of cultural expectations, their environment, just their family, their work, all of these kind of you know, forces coming at them and saying, this is how you can ask for help and this is how much help you can have.

I love the idea of using tools like gene keys, and and people use all sorts of different things to kinda say, actually, I have permission to ask for help in the way that I’m best served. What have you seen when people have stepped into that and they’ve used the Dean keys with you What are some of the changes that you’ve seen in your clients when they’ve started to really work in that in the way that was meant for them? Well, the first thing is there’s a deeper level of confidence. Right? There’s a deep deeper level of confidence that shows up in regards to simply being able to ask, being able to stand within your own reality of, you know, what you need and what that looks like. Because when you unequivocally understand yourself and know, you know, who you are at a divine level, you’re able to stay in ten toes down and things. Right? And so people aren’t able to gaslight you, people aren’t able to, you know, knock you off your square and make you think that you’re asking for too much when you understand. So for example, with me, when it comes to my radiance. The shadow side of that is exhaustion. Right? And so because I understand that, I have to build and rest.

Rest is very important for me. Rest is actually a a major factor in how I manifest. And before understanding this about myself, because I am such a go getter and I’m such a high performer, when I would rest, I would think that I was being lazy. Right? And I would be like, girl, you need to be being productive. There’s something that you you could be literally doing right now instead of resting. But when I got introduced to Jane Keyes and really began diving in and understanding this about myself, it was like, no, you’re absolutely not lazy. You need this to refuel. It refills my creativity. And when I come out of a rest period, like, I get so much done done. It’s like, everything is popping off on all cylinders. And so because of that, literally when it comes to, like, even my day to day schedule, I literally have two hours built into my day every day that is just a rest period. Right? It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to go to sleep, but I’m not obligated to anyone or anything during that two hour span. So that I’m able to kinda use it however I want to, whether that’s vision out on Netflix or, you know, or eating some good food or actually taking a nap. Right? Because sometimes it’s it’s nap time. Right? So — Yeah.

As you understand these things about yourself, you’re you’re able to not only give to yourself, but you also know what how other people can support you and what you need. In order to nourish yourself? I love that. There’s there’s two sides of it. It’s like giving yourself that permission to go have the nap, which is self nourishment. And then communicating to everyone else around you, like, listen, I gotta go take a nap. I’m not my best right now. I’m gonna go take a nap. You you all do what you need to do, and I’ll come back and I’ll be able to help, you know, nourish and do, you know, reciprocity. But without that, you’re just depleting and more and you can’t help other people when you’re exhausted and tired or hungry. Right. Right. Exactly. And so, you know, and for each person is something different, you know, depending of course, depending on what their jean key is. But when you do understand it, it’s you’re able to really kinda tap into it in a very different way that makes life easier, you know. And you’re not having to bag for things that aren’t necessary. Right? And as you you really take on this very matter of fact, type of attitude when it comes to it. And so you’re able to lean into what is necessary for you.

So let me walk me through a bit of a scenario here because if I’ve been around all of these people who’ve told me how I should ask for help or how much help I can ask, Now I’ve got this knowledge, I’ve got this confidence, I’ve got I’m doing this, but I’m practicing it out in the world. What does that look like? Like, how do you actually you you say it’s a matter of fact, but other people don’t always appreciate the straightforward request for your needs being met. Walk me through that. So it’s really about boundary setting. You know, I personally am a very blunt person, but I understand that Everyone is not necessarily always that way. And it is not necessarily something that has always been well received. Right? It is something that before it really understand me again that about myself, I have been made to feel bad about that. I had been made to feel like I was being mean, you know, because I just say what it is when I actually have had no emotion actually attached to it, so I get it. But, you know, it’s just really So, like, my example for me is not even necessarily anything that I trained people on or said anything.

It’s just certain parameters that I put in place. You can’t get on my schedule during that two hour, you know, span. I don’t make any exceptions. You know, even if someone’s like, oh, well, I can only really talk at this time. Well, unfortunately, well, maybe we have to schedule for another day. Right? Which as somebody who’s a super giver, that was very hard for me to do in the beginning because I’m I’m someone who will change their schedule for people to accommodate people and want to help people get into place. But understanding how important this is to my own well-being, I’m I’m like, I can rearrange any other part of my schedule, but these two hours. Right? You know? And so something like that or just simply saying, not answering my phone during those two hours, you know, letting people that are close to me know, If I don’t answer you during this time, I’m good. I’ll call you back, you know, later. So now it’s just has become ultimately like a way of life. And so it’s not necessarily something that I have to go around, like, proclaiming. You can’t call me from five to seven. Right? Like, because I’m in rest mode. You know?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be all of that, but it’s just the small things of you just kind of making the decision. So for example, as one of my other clients, her her radius is around harmony. Like, harmony is really important for her. And so I always like to use the term harmony instead of balance. And so for her, it was like, okay, what things can you put in place to make sure that you are staying in harmony when it comes to your business? You know, so what does that look like around, you know, size sizes of groups? What does that look like in your community participation? What does that look like in, you know, creating the actual schedule for yourself, you know, those different things, you know, so that she could put those things in place that actually create this life of harmony for her so that she’s able to execute in her business at the highest level. Right?

So I think a lot of times we think that boundary setting and put in certain things in place have to be these huge declarations. When they don’t necessarily have to be, you just have to move different. You just have to start to, you know, show up different and be different and then people or oftentimes, we’ll adjust accordingly. Will you get pushback, of course, but that’s where the whole standing tentows down and what it is that you’re setting a place where you comes into, you know, comes into play, whereas, like, I really just can’t do it. Like, we configure something else out or maybe this is just not the right timing for this. Right? Or maybe this is just not you know, everything is not the stars are not aligned in this moment. A lot of times, we end up not nourishing ourselves, not because we’re in alignment, but actually because we’re out of alignment. And we are allowing people to cross our boundaries without reinforcing them. So you are committing to, like, a brand coach.

I I wanna talk a little bit about you know, how do you see the art of asking for help and the art of receiving help being in community? So a lot I always tell people and I’ve been saying this for years now, honestly. Really are gone off the days of the guru of, like, everybody just come in to see Mohamad on the mountain top and, like, listen at your feet. Community and more of a cooperative is necessary. And so when it comes to you asking for help, not being afraid to ask your community for help. Yes, you are the leader of this community of this space. You’re responsible for the environment in which you’re creating. But if your community sees you being willing to ask for help, they too will be more apt to ask for help when they need it. Right? And so that help can look like polls. Asking questions, you know, getting support as your community grows, as it gets larger, you know, not being afraid to ask for ambassadors, to ask for people that are willing to step up and occupy some leadership role within the community as well in order to support you.

But the thing with that is really you have to have a bigger mission. You have to have a movement that people are a part of that will make them wanna help. Right? And I tell business owners this often, you know, a lot of business owners want to talk bad about influencers. Because, like, well, they don’t have a real business, but influences have mastered the art of community in a way in which I’m, like, business owner that needs to pay attention. The way that their community rides for them a lot of times, is, like, unparalleled. And so you really need to learn from that. And and the reason why that is is because they are willing to be vulnerable, they are willing to be transparent, which is necessary in a community space. And part of that vulnerability and part of that transparency is not trying to pretend like you know it all and that you can do it all and that, you know, everything you know, rises and sets in who you are. It’s like, no, this is a community effort. We are putting this mission out. And I need your help just as much as you need my help. Yeah. I mean, in my community, I I was funny yesterday, Karena had mentioned that on our podcast that she saw me in the room having my own website issues.

And I’m like, yeah. I I will process right out loud. And you can see that, like, I’m I don’t know all the answers. I don’t I’m gonna have tech problems just like everybody else. I’m gonna have funnel problems. I’m gonna have, like, broken pages. And I share it all because I want them to see that all of this is doable. And when we do it together, It’s not as painful. It’s not as, like, sometimes having someone else see or go through your website. Yeah. It sucks when they find broken things, but it’s part of that being community. It’s part of, you know, doing it together and and not having to shoulder all of that responsibility yourself.

And I think that’s interesting you said about influencers. They’re very good about that. Right? Though you I I’ve been watching I have a small, like, addiction to the TikTok live shopping. Like, I am obsessed with it, and it’s really interesting. The comments go so fast and the people who are selling these items completely rely on the community to help, you know, keep the keep the comments going, keep the excitement going, help them figure out, you know, what people were doing. If you’ve never seen them, they’re just fascinating examples of fast commerce. But it’s really interesting to see the community that’s built around them.

Yeah. I’ll I’ve watched those too. So Definitely. I’d love to be sticking. I’m like, what egg is coming up next? What makeup palette is coming up.

But I’m just, like, so fascinated how they have grabbed the attention of so many. And there’s, like, two million people on this livestream and — Mhmm. — they’ll come and put down, like, their stack of orders that they’re basically begging. If you if you haven’t seen it yet, go look on TikTok. Go to the live. You’ll find them very quickly. They sell everything from bags to to makeup, to nail art, to you name it. Whatever you can think of, And basically, what they do is they put up order, you know, you can order this, then they bag the orders online.

But the thing is it’s so fast Like, people are messaged like, they’re doing it so quickly that the community really does have to help them, but it is fascinating. It’s a fascinating look at fast commerce that maybe people don’t see. Yeah. I definitely agree. Like, you know, but even with that when you’re watching that scene, the people in the comments that kinda like how they all help one another too. So when people are ordering and then they’re like, I don’t think they’re saying my order that everybody, all of a sudden, be, like, so, you know, at someone show with ordering blah blah blah and, like, everybody will start repeating it so that way they don’t that person doesn’t get missed and, like — Yeah. — are, you know, all these different things. It really is community focused and not just self. Everybody is not just out for self. And you see it very apparent in those particular lash strings, which is especially as someone who does the work that we do. I think that’s also why we find it fascinating. More fascinating than the average person would. But because we’re like this is like amazing.

Like, the marketing, the branding aspects of this, they really have unlocked something because I’ve even seen them selling like crystals and, you know, all kinds of stuff. And I’ve seen girls them doing pearls and all these stuff. So It is fascinating. And and it is interesting because, you know, I mean, part of it is you’re just like part of me is always like horrified of just how much we’re willing to just be like, yeah. Give me twelve bags for a hundred bucks. Like, go ahead. Part of me is horrified. I need to declare that. But part of me is fascinated with how the process, they don’t have to do anything really big. They’re they have, like, handwritten signs behind them that basically say, you know, a hundred dollars or whatever there’s been. And, you know, they’ve got a they’ve got their phone. And that that that’s it. That’s what they’re doing. And they are relying on the community. They are relying on, you know, the excitement of everybody that’s in that stream at that moment. To help them sell more. Mhmm. Yeah. And, you know, and that’s the whole thing. It’s like, And I know this is all this podcast is also about the risk taker, like, the risk in that, right, of, you know, of just doing it.

You know? I think a lot of times that’s also something that we can definitely take a page out of their book of, like, to the average person that looks absolutely crazy. When you think about the traditional business, you know, structure that looks absolutely crazy. Right? Like, there’s so many reasons that should not work. Right? Like, you know, according to, like, traditional marketing, traditional business ownership, like, all these different things, And yet, instead, there are so many people that are having amazing success with it and that are doing it. The other live streams that I see that do it very well too are like your paparazzi people with the jewelry. And they’re like, well, everybody is on there. I’ve literally seen people do the lot lot of re scratch tickets. Like, I just I mean, anything.

So it just shows you that if you have the idea, if it you were given the idea, if you received the dev download, like, take the risk, build the community, and ask for help. Like, literally that Yeah. You know, that’s the equation. So the reason why I actually came up with that phrase, like nurse, the risk takers, because I was noticing that people were starting businesses. And if they didn’t have it all perfect or they didn’t or something happened, the community that they were supporting through their idea suddenly the community was not there supporting them.

And I thought it was always an interesting thing where people were like, well, you started a business. You should have known what you got into, and it’s like, when we start anything, we have no idea what we’re getting into, especially business owners. Like, we’re just like, hey, maybe I’ll start selling this one day. Maybe I’ll go on TikTok and do a live stream. Like, you don’t know all the things that are gonna come at you. You cannot know all of the things are gonna come at you. And I find it interesting that we’re so easy to discard these people who are stepping out, who are creating massive innovations, who are creating new inventions, who are creating new ways of being and we aren’t in there just one hundred percent like, what do you need? We wait — Right. — we wait until they’ve proven something. And it’s like, well, we we need people to come on and help them prove it. Right now. Exactly. Exactly.

You know, and I think that oftentimes too people get amnesia. Right? Like, people get amnesia around them where they were when they first started. Right? Like, you know, that’s one thing for me that I never lose sight of. Like, you know, I remember, you know, people who are now my friends. But at the time, They were just simply other business owners that I’ve met on these online streets. And I was like, I got this concept, and I think it’s gonna work. And they were like, well, try it out on me. Right? Like, and I’m able to, like, test the concept and see that it actually worked. And you know, and doing those things.

And so I think when you unfortunately, a lot of people when they reach a certain level of success, they’d be forgetting where they came from. And it’s like, you didn’t just step in step out on the scene as this six figure, multi six figure, seven figure earner, you started somewhere too. And so to think that everybody should be coming out of the gate where you are now One is not fair, it’s unrealistic, and it’s ridiculous. Like, oh, what are you talking about? And so, you know, And unfortunately, on the flip side of that, I understand on some levels, people wanting things to be proven because you do have a you have dealt with a lot of charlatans that come out in the space that don’t know nothing and that have just have to give the gap and have taken people for their money. But there has to be a level of grace that takes place you know, for the person who was willing to take the risk to start the business. Right? And who has this thing that they believe in in this calling that they feel drawn to to execute in the world. And so everybody has a community. It’s just about finding yours and, you know, and that’s why I’m often I’m anti cookie cutter And I tell I say all the time, you know, my unpopular opinion oftentimes in the marketing and branding space is that all marketing work all of it works.

Yep. It just don’t all work for you. That’s right. And so you have to know what works for you. And the best way to figure that out is not to just only understand the community that you’re trying to call in, but that’s understanding yourself too and how do you actually operate and how do you actually how you’re actually the value designed to show up in the world so that you can marry the two in order to reach success and build your community faster. I like that you said that all marketing works, you know, one thing that we can add on to that too is that it might not work for you right now. It might work for you at a later stage.

And part of it is I you know, what I do see in the world of the online business is that people will see you know, the Amy Porterfields of the world saying I put out this one mini offer and made half a million dollars or whatever the exaggerated claim is of the day. But Amy’s been doing this for ten to twelve years. She’s built a massive list. Of people who have bought from her before. Her putting out that many offer is going to be very different from you when you’ve been in business for five minutes. And you have a smaller list that you haven’t developed. And so it’s knowing that too and being able to ask for help for where you’re at.

Sometimes we don’t want to admit that we are so green, that we are so new, that we ask for things that are not yet for us. Yes. I totally agree. I totally agree. There’s levels to this people, you know, and it just is what I mean, it’s just true, you know. And we also have to remember that even with the the deepest level of transparency, you’re still not seeing it all. Right? No. Even people who oftentimes are like, I’m a open book and, you know, share share a lot. They still don’t share everything. Right? Like, it just would be humanly impossible unless they just had a video camera just attached to them all day long — Yeah. — and with the streaming live. Right? There’s always gonna be bits and pieces of people’s day of people’s journey that gets left out. And so that’s something that you have to understand as facts. Just because it’s reality. Right? And so even once things are working, if you’re trying something and it doesn’t work, you have to understand that, okay, maybe there’s something about their process that I didn’t get to see. Maybe there’s something about how they put this together that I’m not aware of. Right? And so this is also why it’s great to have, not just only the community that you’re looking to serve, but being a part of a community where you get to be poured into as a community member as opposed to necessary being the leader of it. You need to have both types of community around you in order to from to me to be successful in in business.

One of the things I love about politics is when the successful candidate gets elected in. They don’t they they talk about the person who got elected, but they always mention who ran their campaign. And it’s one of the best things that I’ve seen I think we need to do more of that in the business world is, like, yeah, I got here. But here’s my team that actually got me here. Here is my support structure. Here’s the person who ran that lawn because it wasn’t me. I just showed up and delivered the content, the real work, the real gratify was actually this person here. I was doing this other day and, like, yeah, we need to have, like, our, you know, chief the chief officer, whatever the the campaign manager, we need to start elevating those folks in the business world because they are the ones that are supporting these people who having the success. Exactly. I agree with that.

I think I always I always personally have issue with, you know, the people that are always like, I don’t wanna tell people who I work with because I don’t want everybody work with them. It’s like, but you want everybody working with you. How do you not how do you wanna hold up their money? How do you wanna hold up their growth? How do you wanna hold up, you know, their access to you know, abundance. Now you are siphoning abundance from them because they are supporting you.

Like, that me has never made sense, but a lot of people feel that way. Right? You know? And and I know and I know that for it to be true that there’s also a lot of spaces where NDAs are, you know, a part of it and all of these different things. Yep. But I just have never had a issue with telling someone who my coach is or with telling someone who has supported me or who my mentor was or who who’s brand I even watched for from afar. Right? Like, it was, like, oh, like, what they’re doing and kinda reverse engineered stuff like that. Like, there are so many people that help me get to where I’m at. And I know there was continue to be some of the people that will help me get to where I’m going.

And so I do agree that there’s something to be said about this false allegation that yourself made in this, like, Yeah. Really? Yeah. No. No. No. Thanks, Kyle. No. You guys love your mama community. Even if it was your mama who stayed up and helped you pack pack orders. You know, stay away. Somebody helped you do something on this journey. So Yeah. Yeah.

I’ve always said anything I’ve done in my life. I’ve gotten by with a lot of help from my friends, not a little, a lot of help from my friends because I couldn’t do it. We, you know, we put on these large scale events. There’s no way I could cover thirty six thousand square feet by myself. There’s no way I could handle, you know, ten thousand, twenty thousand people coming through the door by myself. There was no way that I could even figure out the setup, you know, and all of that. And even now in the community, as we’re growing, there’s no way I could support, there’s no way we could scale, the level of support that we have in the catalyst where it was just me. Right? And so part of it is bringing on the really great team members that help believe in that vision.

You did ask that we did talk with us recently online, though, about not telling people who you’re coach with. And it was interesting because we’ve talked about that in a catalyst. Our affiliate program isn’t that great I mean, it’s a great program. You can make a lot of money from it, but people don’t often use it. Because they don’t necessarily want the members of their community in the catalyst. And there’s a lot of levels to that. And I I think part of it is that we built you mentioned it before, we built these kind of pedestals that people are on, and they don’t necessarily want their community seeing that they get supported as well or that or the level of vulnerability that they might come into that space with because they don’t want everybody to know their business. And I get that. There’s some interesting things that we’re gonna have to build into our community knowing that we don’t want to stop people from talking about a catalyst, but we recognize that there’s so many levels of judgment and shame and this pedestal building that we’ve got to break it down.

What do you see in communities that that you’ve been in a part of or that you’ve led? Where you can start to break down some of that kinda like, oh, no. I don’t want other people to see that I’m in here. Yeah. So, you know, one of one of the things for me is that’s really big. It’s around sacred space.

And one of the lessons also that I had to learn was that not all spaces are for everybody in regards to the same type of capacity because everyone has different capacities for what they can handle and what their going through. So creating a you know, on a large scale when you’re talking about, like, a Facebook group or, like, their social media, yeah, you can have people that, you know, are just brand new to business who maybe they hit their first hundred k or those people that are scaling to seven figures, they can all coexist in that space. However, when it comes to behind the scenes support, all of those same people don’t need to be all in the same space. And so this is what to me is important to have, like, offer suites where there’s certain levels so that at least when people come in, It’s like, okay. If you’re coming into this space, you’re someone who’s multi size six figures, you have very different challenges and upper limiting beliefs than someone who is brand new to business. Right? Now, k as someone who’s brand new to business, quickly accelerate to where they’re the person that’s making up to six videos, of course.

Like, I mean, circumstances and different things, you know. All play a role in that. You know, the way society is set up plays a role in that. You know, a lot of systematic stuff plays a role in that. But at the end of the day, do you need to start out in the container with people that are already there? Probably not. Right? No. It’s like even what you’re seeing in regards to the you know, to your community. It’s like, okay.

So and more times than not, the people who are sharing it with their community, their community is not necessarily where they’re at. Yeah. So if you set a space where it’s like, okay, you can’t necessarily come into the same level of catalyst that I am in — Yeah. — because you’re not where I’m at. But there’s other level that would suit you and fit you and your needs then great. I can share that with you, you know, and and you can come in and I can make the affiliate money and you can get support you need, and that’s great. And I can also still have my sacred space that you’re not part of because you don’t have the same level of challenges that I have.

The other thing too is, like, having depending on what type of things anyone that’s listening may have set up. If you have certain things where it’s like, okay, I have this particular pod. Right? And so from this pod, whoever you referred, they go into a different pod, a different cohort, a different inspection. Right? Yeah. So they’re just sitting up on the Zoom call or wherever we’re meeting with their coach. Right? Yeah.

Now for me, I haven’t necessarily had that much of a issue with it in regards to, like, me being a participant in this space. Because I do a lot of cross coaching. So I do a lot of coaching with people who are on the same level as me. Where either they have coach with me or I have coach with them. There’s a certain level of respect that kinda comes into that. Space. And there’s also a deeper level of transparency and vulnerability that has taken place in those situations. So me being in a container with those people, it’s not a issue for me even though they may be my client. Right? So again, always I’m gonna go back to radical self awareness like you understanding yourself and, you know, and what works for you.

Now, there are definitely certain people within my community. I would probably would not necessarily want to be in the same cohort coaching container with them. Yes. But that still would not keep me from telling them who I got support from. Right? I would probably be very honest with them and say, based on where you’re at. I don’t necessarily think you’re ready for this particular container that I’m in. However, they have these other offers or, you know, whatever the case may be, or let’s let’s get you to the place where you would be able to you know, operating that. Right? And so that’s that’s the difference to me. Yeah.

I’ve been really exploring the the concept of mindful exclusion, just really being, you know, conscious, like you said, not every space is for everybody, and that’s okay. And and maybe we we get stronger in that as individuals, as community members, as community builders in knowing when mindful exclusion is really effective for people. Yeah. And, you know, and I think also too, there’s a certain level of trust that has to be in place between you and whoever you’re coaching with or you’re mentoring mentoring with, where I also know that if I was to refer someone to say you in this community that I’m a member of, that you’re going to vet them and be honest as well on whether or not this is a good space for them. And that and that person are in totally two different spaces. I shouldn’t even be concerned with whether or not you’re going to let them in right now to the space. Yeah. But if if you’re working with someone who’s just like, I just take any in any in everybody. That’s a different conversation to be at. Right? Yeah. We don’t have an application on the catalyst, so it is definitely something we’re looking at.

That being said, everybody who’s joined minus one person has come through as a conversation with me. One person joined I actually refunded them because I was like, you’re not gonna have fun here. And for very for very obvious reasons of just things that were on their Facebook group. I was like, oh, you’re not gonna you’re not gonna love this space. You’re gonna you know, let me just give you your money back. But it is interesting as we grow we definitely are looking at a new beginner cohort and we are also looking at a founder of circles.

So people who have been in the space for the length of time that we’ve been open. They are at a different stage, and they also I want them to be able to have input and vote on the people who they would like to be in their funders. So it isn’t just like somebody came to me with twenty five or fifty thousand dollars. It’s the fact that they are the right fit for the community. And I think that’s a really interesting thing when we talk about nursing nurse cares. I love that you said, you know, you rely on me to make sure that I’m not bringing people into your space as well because it becomes your space.

Even if I’m the person, you know, who created the idea, when we’re building community, it’s our space, not my space, and I get to decide who’s in there. It’s really important that the members within the community are able to help and ask for help from all of their folks in there. And if they can’t, that’s where we start to see the problems. Right. Yeah. And, you know, and that’s the thing about I I wanna see more entrepreneurs actually take the time to create sacred space. Mhmm. Right? And to understand the importance of sacrifice even within the community. Right? Mhmm. And how even inside of one community, there’s different sacrific spaces. Right? Like, there’s different because people need different things. People people work differently. People respond differently. People learn differently. Like, all of these different things are important to understand when you are looking to really create a thriving community because that’s the other piece. Right?

So many people wanna build these communities and they they do the things to get the numbers, to build the people up, but they don’t really understand any concept around sustaining community of really making it feel like a true community outside of utilizing the word. Right? Like and so — Yep. — you know? And so it’s like, how are you actually nourishing them? Are you actually listening to what they need? Are you actually understanding what their desires are, understanding what their challenges are. Do you know what they’re not saying. That’s right. You know, can you see what they don’t see, you know, and are able to nurture them into that space as well. Right? And so too many people are build building communities, but not building communities. They’re building Facebook groups, but they’re not building communities. Right. Exactly. They’re building email lists, but they’re not building communities. They’re building social media platforms, but they’re not building communities. And there’s a major difference. It’s a difference between audience and a community. I love that. I love that you said that because it is interesting.

We we build we see these social media followings even with ten thousand and twenty thousand, hundred and twenty two million followers, but is there community? And and one of the conversations we’ve been having in the catalyst is can you have a community without having a forum? Like, can you have community without having a Facebook group? I’m like, yeah, people can can recognize each other and connect with each other, and it’s not something you have to necessarily manage. Mhmm. We look at, like, Taylor Swift fans. We look at, you know, like, they they have a community without necessarily having a central gathering place. They feel like they belong to something without necessarily signing up. The the Bay Hyve there’s so many of these that we can see from music where people will see themselves as part of a community even without being on a forum. Exactly. The thing with that is because they have a common mission or goal. Right? They have a common interest.

And a lot of times, you’ll because you’ll even see that’s why I say, influencers actually do it really well. I mean, there’s a couple of people that I follow, and I comment so much on their content that I’ve met people in the comment. Because I’m commenting. I’m like, she’s there again. And I’m like, girl, did you see this? You know, and I may even tag them at this point because I’m like, did you did you see our people, you know, and that type of thing? Because we just be in the comments. Right? Yes.

But that’s the other thing I think that office has as business owners, we get away from encouraging the social aspects of social media Right. Because we’re so busy trying to be the teacher. Right. And the talking head around, I am the expert. I am the expert. But there’s a difference between being an expert and being the authority. And when you are the authority, you understand how to create com communication and conversation that doesn’t take you being the person that has to execute it. Right? It’s like, okay. Mhmm.

In the comments, even and there’s a ways for you to even start fostering that because it is something that’s very different between, you know, business owners and influencers. You may have to actually work to to to suggest that. Right? To let people know that this is how I kinda run my stuff. Mhmm. And you also recognize and who who is all who always shows up on your post? Like, who’s all oftentimes always commonly. And then if someone else comments something that you recognize is similar to the thought process of someone who’s always commenting, why don’t you tag that person? And be, like, it will say, like, oh, so and so just said this yesterday. Right? So then it fosters, like, communication between the two of them, and then you know, as well and that also helps to foster that community feel.

But we’re so busy just trying to be the expert and share our expertise Yeah. That, you know, we’re not we’re losing that. And right now, listen, in the world that we live in now, and I ain’t even gonna get into all the cosmic stuff. Yeah. That’s happening. Like, community is if you all got one, you’re not gonna handle business. Never have truer words, but spoken. But that’s it. We have to start realizing that to have a business, you are cultivating a community, and it has nothing to do with how many followers you have. It has nothing to do with how many people see you as the expert. It is the true definition of community. Do you have a group of people, not and not just your audience, but like the group of people that support you as a business owner.

So let me ask you, Famira, this is a great lead in. Are you currently being nourished? Listen. So, yes, I definitely I tell people I’m not here by myself. I have an amazing circle of other amazing entrepreneurial women who have definitely fed me over the last look, I’m almost ten years in. This year, it makes ten years in business. And I’ve met some amazing women in the process.

Who I’m like, listen. I got this idea. I need to run a pass through. Right? Like, because I I’m a verbal processor or I need to, like, write it out or whatever. And I know that I can go to them and I can share with them. I can also share, like, the downside. Like, what is happening.

No one is engaging. No one is, like, talking. Like, everybody’s talking about they love my stuff, but where are they at? Would they money? Right? Like, you know, and I can be frustrated and I can be anxious and I can be annoyed and I can be excited and I can be all the range of emotions with them, and they understand it, and they get it because they’re also business owners. Right? And then, of course, I also have, like, a great base with my family and, you know, and my friends who don’t necessarily get what I do. Like, I’ve been doing a different amount of energy. Like, I don’t know what you do. I just help people that you help people with their businesses, and that’s fine. But, like, but the support and they’re just as excited, like, even though they may not Oh, really. Right.

Another thing in order is announced. And they, you know, and they support me and they allow me to detach. Right? Like, I get to just be femira. Right? With them in those spaces. And so those are definitely the ways in which I am being nourished.

And — Yeah. — you know, and they and they even from the community that I actually am leading, like, seeing people have aha moments and seeing people will have breakthroughs and seeing people understand certain things about themselves that actually nourishes me. Like seeing people get results that they didn’t think they they could get three months ago, right, when they first came into my world. And then they’re like, from here, oh my gosh, you know, I tell people all the time the best, like, inbox messages from me are the ones where they’re, like, Oh my gosh. I feel so much more like myself. Thank you so much. Like, you know, my confidence. I’m I’m totally different. I enjoyed those more than someone being like, oh, I had my first five k launch. I had my first five k month, you know, I triple the size of my community. All of those are actually very true. Those are all actual results that people get from work with me. But it’s the people that are like, I am not the same person that I was a year ago from working with you. Those are the things that really nourish me. And light me up. That’s great.

And how are you at receiving nourishment? Now listen. You and my business now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We can’t do that. I’m not always the best. Okay.

At being on the receiving end, I am definitely better than I was before. And I I am because I’m not necessarily always the best, especially on a personal level, the best I ask thing. Right? Yeah. But what I am blessed with is having people in my space that under stands that about me. Mhmm. And so they did they will ask me. Because if you ask me, I will tell you. Right. I’m not the best at initiating Right? Right. But I’m very honest, so I will tell you if you ask me. So I do I have been blessed with people who understand that and don’t have a problem with asking. Mhmm. And so in that case, I have gotten better at receiving. And receiving without someone like I have to reciprocate. Okay. So that that is a huge thing for me.

Because I’ve always felt like, well, if you do something for me now, I gotta go do something for you and, you know, and being able to just stand in, like, no. It’s just my turn this time. Mhmm. And I can just receive without, you know, needing to do anything else. It is a day to day, moment by moment situation by situation. But I will say I’m getting better at it. Definitely will give better.

It’s a lifetime process, I think. Because you you just just when you think you know yourself, you realize that you don’t. Yeah. Because you’re we’re always evolving. Right? And so even as even with green keys, that’s what one thing I tell for a lot of time people.

People often feel like, oh, once I know my jinkies, I got it. No. Like, that’s not how this works. It is lifetime. Contemplation because — Yeah.

— what happens is it opens up doors and then you see and you’re like, okay. I see where I leaned in over here. I see where I was fighting myself over here. But then what happens is every time we get to a new level, it’s like the same thing shows up but in a different outfit. Absolutely. And so it’s like, do you recognize it in this new outfit? And then sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. And you’re like, oh my gosh. That was the exact same thing I just did. I just was faced with, like, six months ago, but I didn’t realize because it was dress different. Right?

And so you always are, you know, learning more about yourself stuff forwardness is a ongoing process. Different set of challenges, different set of people, because that’s a thing too, is that you you’re not just in it alone. Right? So something comes up. You’re also working with someone else who’s working on themselves. So Perfect. You know, it’s it’s an it’s not just our our our pro action. It’s our reaction and then other people’s pro action. And our reaction Like, that’s that’s the whole part of it. Right? Right. Exactly. Exactly that.

And, you know, and that’s why one of the things I you know, want people to remember in this space is that when it comes to nourishing ourselves, The biggest thing for nourishment is grace, and we don’t give ourselves enough grace. We extend grace to others. Oftentimes overflowing, but we don’t extend that same level of grace to ourselves. And so I’m always understanding you’re always in process you’re always evolving. You’re not the same person you wore a year ago. A lot of times depending on how active you are in the work. You’re not the same person you wore yesterday. And so you know, lending yourself a level of grace to not hold yourself hostage to the person you were before. Is so much nourishment. That’s powerful words. Powerful words. Okay. Oh, I could keep talking to me forever, but I do want to give you an opportunity to talk about what you do, where people can find you, how they can work with you before we go. Okay. Awesome.

So you can find me on all social media at I m familiar. That’s f as in fabulous, a m I r a. I’m I hang out most of the time on Instagram, so definitely check me out there. And my website is w w dot your brilliant school dot com. So you can also visit me there. I need to do some updating. So, you know, but you can find things that you need there.

I do have my own community. If you wanna learn about community building, I actually have a a Facebook group a free Facebook group that you can check me out. It’s called community driven entrepreneurs. You’ll see my picture on the banner. So you know you’re in the right place. And basically, that’s what I do. I help women entrepreneurs with building their communities. And off doing it authentically and calling in the right people and not just the people. And doing it without feeling like they always have to be on or performing for the camera. And so, yeah, reach out to me. I’ll If you’re listening to this podcast, I would love to hear any aha moments or what your favorite part of this podcast was. So definitely DM me on Instagram. I am familiar and let me know. I would love to hear your feedback. And yeah. That’s it. That’s it. Okay.

And I always end out basically saying something that I appreciate about the person I’m talking to. So again, I’m very excited that we got to do this. We have do this again because it’s been a bazillion years, but I love the way you show up. I love the way and I mean, I see you online, but I have a feeling it’s, like, in person too. I love the way that you just boldly go into asking powerful questions. You really challenge people with with their beliefs. Like, they might come in and be a part of the conversation. And it’s not like you you you don’t challenge them in in a way that they feel like they’re they weren’t hurt, you challenge them in a way that you hear them exactly where they are, and you go meet them, and then you say, okay, but what about this? And you have a really powerful way of doing that. And I know that that causes amazing ripples that turn into big waves out into the world because I’ve seen it.

I’ve and I’ve heard people say, I talked to Fermira, and this is what happened. And or I saw Fermira doing this. Like, you’re I often hear in circles, people come back to, like, did you did you see what Famira posted? So you are creating this a fantastic discussion. These conversations out into the world. And I really appreciate it.

I get I like when I get to be a part of them. I like when you challenge me. I like when you come in and you say, okay, yeah. But this but what about this? And part of that is this ongoing growth. And that to me is like a great part of the community that you’re building is this growth, like, communal growth, communal, like, we’re all walking along this together. Some of us take a little bit more time. Some of us have different pathways, some side quests, but you’re there when people are ready to come along with you, and I think that’s just a fantastic skill. So I appreciate you so much.

Thank you so much. That means so much to me because I understand seeing that my calling on this earth in this particular lifetime is expansion. And I want people to be expanded whether it’s in their thought process, you know, emotionally, spiritually when they come into contact with me. And so, you know, I often say that to my clients, like, think about what is the one lesson you want people to take from every encounter that you have in the world and for me is that you can expand beyond what you think you’re capable of. And so you’re saying that, like, reinforces that for me. So thank you so much for saying that. You’re doing it. You’re absolutely one hundred percent living in your mission. I see it all the time and I’m always completely in awe of it.

Thank you again so much for being a part of this. Again, we are doing this live right now. So if you watch this live thank you. If you watch this on the replay, let us know by putting a replay in it to see where we’re showing up And then we are putting this on YouTube and, of course, anywhere that you listen to podcasts, it will be live for you. So thank you very much for joining us. I really appreciate you, Famira, and I hope you have a just a fantastic day. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate it so much. Bye, everybody.

I am a Super Sagittarius! I’m a lover of my spiritual tools like crystals, herbal medicine, Astrology as well as Gene Keys! I AM the truth-telling, never let you play small, and soulfully sassy Big Sister or Dope Cousin that doesn’t take any shit, that you didn’t know you needed on your journey!

As your Community Focused Brand Coach™, I work with Women Leaders that understand the importance of cultural competency and cultural equity in the transformations they provide.

Most of them aren’t new to this Entrepreneurial Journey they’re true to this! They’re Serial Entrepreneurs, Multi-Passionate, and Trailblazers who are spiritually in tune with themselves and take Self-Awareness and Self-development seriously.

I help them authentically build their communities by mastering messaging and creating content that shifts their audience. I focus on guiding them to understand how they are uniquely designed using the Gene Keys (you can call me Your Gene Keys Connoisseur™) system so they are able to craft a blueprint that fits them instead of trying to fit into a box or some cookie-cutter solution.

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In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy for entrepreneurs, especially women, to get caught up in the hustle and grind, forgetting to take the time to truly understand themselves and cultivate a supportive community. In a recent podcast episode of “Nourish the Risk Takers,” Famira Green, a community-focused brand coach, shares her insights on the importance of radical self-awareness and the power of community in helping entrepreneurs build authentic communities and achieve success.

Radical Self-Awareness

Understanding oneself is crucial to knowing what kind of help to ask for and the transformational effects of using tools like gene keys to gain insight into one’s true nature. By gaining a deeper level of self-awareness, entrepreneurs can ask for the right kind of help that best serves their needs, leading to increased confidence and personal growth.

Embracing Rest and Self-Nourishment

Prioritizing self-care, rest, and setting boundaries can help refuel creativity, leading to increased productivity and overall well-being. By recognizing and communicating what we need to nourish ourselves, we can more effectively help others and maintain harmony in our lives. Fostering a cooperative environment within a community encourages others to seek assistance when needed, creating a more fulfilling and successful life.

Risk-Taking and Community Building

A key aspect of building a successful business is fostering a sense of community and embracing vulnerability. Influencers, for example, have mastered the art of creating strong communities through transparency and openness. By sharing their struggles and seeking help from others, business owners can create a supportive environment that benefits everyone involved. TikTok live shopping serves as a fascinating example of fast commerce and community-driven success, showcasing the importance of community in modern business practices.

Teamwork for Success

Acknowledging and elevating the support systems behind successful individuals in the business world fosters a sense of gratitude and interconnectedness that benefits everyone involved. Giving credit to the team behind the scenes strengthens both personal and professional relationships and encourages a more collaborative and supportive environment for growth and success.

Creating Sacred Spaces in Communities

Mindful exclusion and understanding that not all spaces are for everyone is crucial for maintaining sacred spaces within communities. Nurturing community members by addressing their needs and desires and recognizing the difference between merely building an audience and cultivating a genuine community is essential for personal and professional growth.

Fostering Community Through Social Media

Cultivating a strong sense of community is vital for business success, regardless of the size of one’s following or perceived expertise. Encouraging communication and connection within a community can result in powerful personal and professional growth for all involved.

Expansion as a Personal Mission

Focusing on expansion as a personal mission is crucial for emotional, spiritual, and mental growth. By pushing beyond our perceived limitations and inspiring others to do the same, we can embrace the potential for expansion in our own lives.

In conclusion, embracing radical self-awareness, fostering a strong sense of community, and prioritizing self-nourishment are all vital aspects of achieving success as a woman entrepreneur. By understanding ourselves, asking for help, and creating a supportive environment, we can unlock our full potential for expansion and growth.

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