Entrepreneurs Are Not Meant to Be Lone Rangers

Entrepreneurs Are Not Meant to Be Lone Rangers

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Are the Best Ideas Created Alone?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think they have to do everything themselves when starting a business. They believe they must single-handedly handle all product development, marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. This idea of the business owner as a lone ranger who conquers the wild west of entrepreneurship all alone is romantic but misguided.

The reality is that no successful company is built by just one person. Behind every great entrepreneur are teams of talented people bringing different skills to the table. Trying to play every role in a business leads to frustration and burnout. You simply cannot scale or sustain growth over the long-term by being a jack of all trades.

The most effective entrepreneurs focus on their own core strengths and surround themselves with others whose abilities complement their own. A coder starting an app company still needs someone for visual design, marketing, legal work and more. Similarly, a charismatic sales leader needs engineering, operations and finance experts to turn their vision into reality.

Understand that you cannot and should not try to do everything yourself. Spend your energy on the aspects of the business that plays to your innate talents. Then find and empower capable people to take ownership of other functions. Great leaders are force multipliers who get the best out of their teams.

Also, don’t be afraid to outsource and automate. With today’s online tools and gig economy, you can cost-effectively fill skill gaps rather than take everything on internally. For example, leverage freelancers for project-based work and lean on smart software to handle repetitive tasks. The time and mental bandwidth you save allows you to focus on high-level strategy and vision.

In the end, hubris and an excessive DIY mentality will hinder your ability to scale. Build a strong support network and surround yourself with the right people. Understand your own strengths and limitations. Doing so enables you to architect a company positioned for sustainable growth rather than attempting to heroically do it all alone.


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