Empowering Collaboration: Done-With-You Services

Empowering Collaboration: Done-With-You Services

Defining Done-WITH-You

Alice & Marissa inside the Cafe Chat Virtual Workroom in Create the Rules Catalyst

Working 1:1 or in the Group Workroom gives members options for coaching, mentoring and community.

Alice and Marissa in Cafe Chat in Create the Rules Catalst

Done-With-You (DWY) services represent a synergistic approach to consultancy and professional guidance, distinct in the way that they create a partnership between the service provider and the client. This collaborative method involves the provider working side-by-side with the client throughout a project’s journey, offering not just expertise but also active support on demand. Common in fields like consulting, coaching, and education, the main objective of DWY services is to enable clients to engage dynamically in the work process, gaining not only insight but also hands-on experience under the tutelage of a seasoned professional.

Through this process, clients are not passive recipients but rather active contributors, learning new skills and gaining a comprehensive understanding of the methodologies being employed.

For example:

A Catalyst member may come in knowing they need a new logo for their business, their product or service. We might start ideating on Monday, looking at logos they like, the audience they want to reach and the brands they are already buying from, the symbolism in the product or even the over all feeling the member wants.

Thursday they might come back into the Workroom with specific symbols or a font they like and we put together the logo together in the Workroom with the Expert Designer sharing their Adobe Illustrator in the room and the logo is put together right then.

By the following Monday, the final changes are made and the logo is packaged up for the Member to use.

It’s not an immediate project fulfillment but creativity needs some time to “soak in.” Sometimes the client may want to drive the design. In that case, the Expert Designer might act more like a co-pilot role, guiding them through each phase and equipping them with the tools and knowledge to eventually take the lead.

This model thereby nurtures both confidence and competency, as clients gradually assume more responsibility, and ideally, achieve a level of expertise and self-sufficiency in the domain being addressed.

The evolution of support

Consultancy services have evolved over time to meet the changing needs of clients and the market. In the past, individuals and businesses often relied on a “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) approach, independently researching and implementing solutions. As business and personal challenges became more complex, the demand for expert assistance led to the rise of “Done-For-You” consultancy services, where consultants took full responsibility for providing and implementing solutions on behalf of clients. More recently, there has been a shift towards a “Done-With-You” collaborative partnership approach, where consultants and clients work together to implement solutions and emphasize knowledge transfer, empowering clients with the skills needed to take ownership of the process. This evolution reflects consultancy’s aim to provide the level of support and expertise required by clients to achieve successful outcomes.

With Create the Rules Catalyst, we recognized there was a big gap in the support business owners, entrepreneurs and founders needed. Particularly in growth and scale cycles. There is a certain amount knowledge, skills and strategy we need help with, but also the actual side-by-side companion-ship and support. It can be really scary building a business so having someone by your side while you:

  • do the tech,
  • make the decisions,
  • plan the strategy,
  • craft the content
  • launch the product
  • build the audience
  • respond to obstacles and opportunities
  • grow your reach

and all the other steps in between can be the big difference in ideas reaching implementation.

Collaborative Consulting

Collaborative consulting models emphasize a partnership between clients and consultants, moving away from a prescriptive expert model. In this approach, consultants act as facilitators, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs, challenges, and goals. Together, they co-create solutions, often using design thinking and agile methodologies to iterate based on feedback.

There is a focus on capability building, where consultants transfer knowledge and skills to empower clients to implement changes themselves. In the Catalyst, we sometimes hop into your website or your email system and help you get to the next step, but we also teach and show you how to do it so not only can you replicate it, but you can create standard operating procedures for your team to use.

Communication is open, with consultants providing expertise and clients providing critical context. The end solutions integrate the consultant’s specialized knowledge and the client’s insider perspective. This democratizes consulting, valuing the client as an equal partner while leveraging the consultant’s skills. The collaborative approach aims to create lasting change within an organization by having stakeholders take ownership over the process.


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Marissa Loewen

Marissa Loewen is the Founder and Lead Strategist at Create the Rules. Personal interests include community building, culture creating, nurture sequences and fibre art. Prefers Interpretive dancing over two-steppin'