Don’t Be a DM Marketing Jerk

Don’t Be a DM Marketing Jerk

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Disclaimer: I love a good cold pitch done well

I had someone message me in the DMs about showing me a way to market using my existing social media properties. They had done a bit of research on me, picked my highest priced product and then pitched me an amount they could help me make. Would it be worth a call?

Briar told me to say yes and because I like living on the edge of reason, I did indeed say yes.

So they followed up days later and wanted to book a call with me to deliver their good work. I said I was busy the day they suggested and would be for the next two weeks.

I expected them to book me a call two weeks out.
But alas, our intrepid DMarketer completely missed the opportunity.

So a few weeks later they messaged me again and because I don’t use Messenger it sat unread. They then replied that they wouldn’t be trying anymore that I missed the opportunity to make this cash and if I changed my mind to contact some random person I didn’t know to set up a time because I guess they were done with me.

We could have been Something

I made the amount he promised without him. I guess one could argue I could have doubled it with his help but if the way he handled these DMs was indicative of his method I can safely say my business was marked safe from his tactics and that probably saved me 100x the initial amount promised because I won’t be using it.

What can we learn from this?

🥔 The fellowship (and the fortune) is in the follow up. Don’t be afraid to get on their books weeks and months from now.

🥔 You’re not the main character in someone else’s story so if you get temporarily shuffled, don’t be weird about it. Just be ready when they are or make it easy for them to book a time or even just buy from you.

🥔 Do create positive relationships. Sometimes sales take two minutes and sometimes they take months and years. Long after I forget this encounter I will remember the cold pitch I got this week that turned into a monthly sale for them.

🥔 Not everyone is immediately money motivated. I’m interested in different needs right now for my business that will help with long term growth. Do I like making more money? Sure. Is it my light-my-fire fuel right now? Nopity Nope Nope.

You know what DMs are amazing at? Relationships. Partnerships. Camaraderie. And yes, real commerce.

Build a marketing plan that makes people love doing business with you. They will absolutely tell others about you AND they will keep buying from you.

Dare to create some slow sales processes that don’t make you into a crotchety DM-er that everyone dreads hearing from.

Bonus Content

Additional Motivators that People Have:

❣️ Naps
❣️ Snacks
❣️ Fuzzy kitties
❣️ just an hour of ease, my good man
❣️ Time to go dance in the sun
❣️ Laughter
❣️ Love
❣️ C’s 🔥
❣️ Equity & Liberation
❣️ Community
❣️ Craft supplies
❣️ A really great hug
❣️ Clean Water
❣️ Accessible Housing
❣️ Mental Healthcare
❣️ Comfy shoes
❣️ Education
❣️ Belonging


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