Deep Work: The Power of Focus | A Book Review of Deep Work by Cal Newport

Deep Work: The Power of Focus | A Book Review of Deep Work by Cal Newport

The Power of Deep Work: A Book Review of Deep Work by Cal Newport

The virtual workrooms we use runs on a platform called GoBrunch. We have developed an intentional and close relationship with the owner of the platform and he often brings me examples of competitors in our online business space, primarily companies focusing on offering virtual co-working. We know body doubling works for getting work done and helping business owners and entrepreneurs be more focused, more productive and more intentional about their work is something we are always looking to improve.

So when the owner of GoBrunch, Richard Lowenstein, came to me this weekend with a few other companies in our workspace, I noticed they all had something in common. They focused on the principles covered in the book Deep Work by Cal Newport.

In Deep Work, Cal Newport makes a data-driven case for the unmatched value of focused, distraction-free attention. As artificial intelligence handles more routine cognitive tasks, Newport argues that the skill of deep work becomes increasingly rare and valuable for knowledge professionals looking to differentiate themselves. This book convincingly explains both why cultivating depth matters, and how to integrate deep work into your day-to-day habits.

For ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs, Deep Work’s principles hold special relevance. With countless potential digital distractions and the busy demands of running a company, maintaining focus amid chaos poses a major challenge. Newport’s strategies around structuring time, minimizing interruptions, and developing rituals can help business leaders prioritize deep output despite daily demands.

For remote teams and virtual co-working spaces, Deep Work offers an especially urgent perspective. Without the structure of an office environment and in-person collaboration, distributed teams can often struggle to sustain focus and progress on substantive goals. Newport’s tactics like taking long offline stretches and establishing private workspaces are perfect for maintaining depth for remote work.

At a time when services for virtual collaboration, business coaching, and on-demand expert support are on the rise, Deep Work is an interesting read.  Do I think it is for everyone? No. Sometimes they reference things that folks like JK Rowling do to create focus (staying in a 5 star hotel to get out of the distractions at home) that may feel out of touch for some entrepreneurs but we can definitely take the cue of creating an environment where focus can happen.

Will I personally ever disconnect the internet entirely so I can focus on something for hours at a time? No, I am short and can barely reach the router on top of the fridge in the basement. Will I purposely go into a workroom in Create the Rules Catalyst that has microphones and cams turned off so I can listen to the rain for three hours while still feeling like I am body doubling with people in another virtual room? Absolutely.

It’s about finding what works personally for you.

The science-backed techniques in this book could empower business owners to make the most of these digital tools by showing how to create space for their deepest and most rewarding work. For ambitious individuals and companies looking to accomplish more than ever before, Deep Work can be an elementary step in creating the space for focus work.

With insights from neuroscience and Newport’s own productivity research, Deep Work makes a compelling case that going deep is a skill leaders must master to unleash their full potential. Any business owner aiming for their next level of impact should add this book to their reading list. Along with coaching and collaboration services, applying these evidence-based tips can help position you for major breakthroughs.


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