Create the Rules Catalyst


Join the only virtual incubator, accelerator and co-working space for impact-driven business owners with as much 1:1 and community-led support you need to grow, scale & thrive.


With Create the Rules Catalyst, we can help you create, design, implement and integrate your ideas through all phases of growth, scaling and thriving.

Personalized Support

Bring your ideas into the virtual workroom and get as much 1:1 and community-led support. We do the work WITH you.

On Demand Resources

A growing library of courses, accountability tools & resources to help you and your business grow, scale and thrive.


Being in business can be lonely, even if you’re surrounded by a team. Be in community with other impact-driven business leaders like you.

Learn from other Catalyst Members – the wins, the WTF and everything in between. Surround yourself with founders, entrepreneurs & experts who’ve been there, done that and will do it again but better, because we do it together.


An Intentional Community

For risk takers, culture creators
& legacy makers.

Who want 1:1 & Community-led support to get to their next big level in their business.

You’ve been in business for a few years and now want the energy and different perspectives of a community of growth-focused business owners like you.

You desire personalized support from experts and being around fun, vibrant, diverse, forward-thinking change makers and community builders from around the world.

  • Digital Business Owners Expanding the Audiences

  • Writers, Artists & Creatives Building Diverse Income Streams

  • Products & Services in both local & global markets

  • Brick & Mortar Store Owners Increasing their Global Reach
  • Event Planners & Community Builders


Work For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

Create the Rules Catalyst is the only virtual incubator and accelerator that gives you as much 1:1 and community led Done With You support as you need throughout the lifetime of your business.

With customized support all year long for one low price across marketing, profit planning, social media, SEO, website design, content planning, email funnels, online advertising, public speaking, media relations and more – our model provides nourishing support as you grow and scale your business.

Built primarily on an innovative virtual platform you can access via a web browser, we are changing the way support models and systems are created. Breaking the barriers to being supported and helping business owners really access what help looks like to them in order for them to grow.

Focusing on both products and services, we also host live workshops, speaker summits and other marketing opportunities for our members to grow their audience, increase their sales and build better impact-driven businesses.

More than a mastermind, more than a group program. Come be truly supported in your business.

See you in the workrooms soon!

“Tremendous Value”

I regularly tell Marissa, she is the only person from whom I don’t mind being marketed. She’s incredibly good at what she does, and that’s because the passion, ethics, and care are all there. Even so, I honestly wasn’t expecting the tremendous value I got, right out of the gate, when joining this program. Especially at such a great price. It’s just full of innovative ways to support people and I feel welcomed and like I’m in the best hands.

Marcy Evans, Sancti

“Incredible Amount of Value”

In my short time in Create the Rules, I have gotten an incredible amount of value and I haven’t even tapped into all of the resources fully yet! Marissa is absolutely brilliant, leads with integrity and the diverse community has been super supportive with feedback on decisions that I needed to Soundboard!

Lara La Sala, Business Systems & Funnel Master

Be In the Room With Impact-Driven Business Owners

Briar Harvey

Neurodiversity Media Network
Founder, Collaborative Media Expert

“I told someone the other day that what makes the Catalyst so special is that it’s about all of us.

And it’s true.

Veronica Yanhs

Business Laid Bare
Founder, CEO, Orgasmic Operations

“There has been so many results and not just revenue. We are creating new KPIs that matter.

We are setting our business up to be really healthy, and Marissa and the members in the Catalyst have been so instrumental in supporting this.”

Biba Atta

Dynamic Affirmations Method
Personal Evolution Facilitator & Self Care Catalyst

“One of the greatest parts of the Catalyst is the people in the room. They are experts in their own field and are ready to help & support each other.

They’re willing to help, willing to share, willing to help you in any way that you need.”

The Workrooms

Get the CoachingSupportMentorshipBrainstormingConsultingNourishment You Need to Create

Social Media Content         Paid Advertising        Website Design        Company & Product Branding Event Planning        Leadership Development        Marketing Strategy        Customer Service        Writing A Business Plan        Website Content        Email Funnel Set up & Implementation        Tech Stack Organization         Media Relations        Website Design        SEO        Podcast Marketing         Customer Onboarding        Operational Excellence        Graphic Design        Product & Service Mix Development         Pricing Strategy         Business Growth & Scaling Plans        Employee Engagement        Market Segmentation And Analysis         Nurture Sequences        Retargeting Ads        Idea Curation        Omni-Channel Marketing        Brand Voice        Recurring Revenue Strategies        Community Building    Memberships     Email Content        Networking Plans        Podcast Creation       Ad Creation        Editing       Book Publishing      Analytics

So many ways to work with Create the Rules Catalyst - a full service support system for impact driven business owners

What We Work on in CATALYST

Strategy for Growing Your Business Your Way

There are so many courses and group programs offering you just one part of your whole growth strategy. With Create the Rules CATALYST – we work on your entire growth plan – from operations to marketing, from hiring a team to onboarding your clients, to nourishing you and your team and planning for all opportunities and obstacles that come with growing & scaling your business.

Sweets & Desserts
Marketing & Media Relations
Chinese Food
SEO & Content Strategy
Barbecue Items
Social Media
Salads Collections
Funnels & Automation
The Royal Food
Business & Profit Plans
Hot & Cold Drinks
Operations & Team Building

“Fantastic way to stay focused and be productive”

I just joined and so glad I did! I already have great insights into next year’s planning as well as partnership types I hadn’t considered before. The co-working is a fantastic way to stay focused and be productive. I already feel I’ve gotten more than the value I paid, and I’ve only taken advantage of a fraction of the resources.

Kimberly Robb Baker, Writer

Truly a Life Giving Community”

Before joining, I was struggling to sell something I fell out of love with and spinning countless offers without much impact. Now, I have the clarity and confidence to build out new offers that are sustainable while also doing work I love!

The numbers have also been really something I haven’t been great at so the profit plan has given me so much clarity. I’m also obsessed with the co-working calls. Anytime I need inspiration or want to chat I can join! It’s truly a life giving community!

Melody Johnson, Customer Success Consultant

“100X Easier To Overcome My Mental Block”

The Profit Plan made me feel truly in control of my business for the first time. As a creative entrepreneur, envisioning where I wanted my business to go was easy. But running the numbers on what it would take to get there had me breaking out in a cold sweat. Going through the Profit Plan with Marissa made it 100X easier to overcome my mental block and gave me the confidence to pursue my creative vision. The Profit Plan is literally a foundational piece of my business and I come back to it again and again. I’d recommend it to anyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a decade.

Darci Ellenberger, Sweet Tooth Creative

“more aligned & profitable than I ever dreamt it could be”

My business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be

The Profit Plan shifted my entire perspective on how I run my business, which has continued to have positive impact even 16 months later – my business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be in this timeframe.

Joa Ahern-Seronde
Carte Blanche Careers

“an indispensible part of how I run my business to scale”

Give Her Your Money: When Marissa explained her yearlong program and I hired her, I knew in my gut it was everything I needed. Within 3 weeks, my instinct was validated with hard data when I recouped my investment 200%+, while completely pivoting my business to remove unnecessary stress and fall in love with what I do again. In a short time, Marissa has become an indispensible part of how I run my business to scale and better serve clients, and I can’t imagine working without her now. Thanks to her help, I have saved literally thousands of dollars in unnecesssary costs, received hours of 1:1 live support, and completely upleveled my processes and packages to enhance my clients’ outcomes. In short, working with her has been a total gamechanger, and I’d tell anyone on the fence about working with her to “Get off the fence!” Her program is worth every penny.

Robyn Feldberg, Abundant Success Coach

“The Profit Plan is how I build my business now”

I ran away from my numbers for a long time because I wasn’t making a lot of money in my business.

It took looking at my numbers to understand how to make money in my business

Tiana Dodson, Body Liberation Coach & Facilitator

I have a focus on where my business is going next.

Now that I have the Catalyst, I am complete. I don’t need any other programs or courses. I see other things out there that look cool but I am no longer tempted to keep taking more courses because the Catalyst has everything I need. I have a strategy and focus on where my business is going next.

Alice Miriam, Challenge & Summit Expert

The Workrooms (Value: $15,000+ in available 1:1 Strategy & Coaching Time)

Exclusive Networking & Support Community (Value: $2500)

The Profit Plan (Value: $198)

New Audience, New Revenue Marketing Plan (Value: $198)

Print-at-home & Digital Planners (Value $45)

Personal Whiteboard for Planning with the Experts ($250)

Private Summits, Expert Office Hours & Promotional Opportunities ($2000)

Free Access to Catalyst Workshops & Catalyst Connect Events all Year Long ($4000)

Total Value: $24,191

Annual Fee for Catalyst: $3900
Payable in four payments of $975 or $3500 when you pay for the whole year at once

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Frequently Asked Questions

We want to be a catalyst for your next big, bold idea.

More than a mastermind and support beyond any group program or community out there – Create the Rules CATALYST is for business owners who have established businesses and are looking to accelerate and grow to their next epic level within a community of change makers and culture creators like them.

Collaboration, co-creation, community and connection.

Get 1:1 support from our growing team of experts to help you build your best growth strategy

Find a community of business besties & colleagues to collaborate, create and plot amazing plans with.

Put off the procrastination, find the fun, build epic stuff with business owners like you who are sending out tiny ripples in order to make big waves in the world. Stuck on something? Bring it into the Workroom and let’s get it done – together.

The Live components will be on Go Brunch. You don’t have to download anything and you can access it on desktop or mobile. Desktop gives you the best performance but it’s not necessary if you’re mostly just listening in or co-working. The Online Community is hosted by our private forum in Simplero along with other courses.

For the most part, members come into the Workroom and just ask for what they need. Sometimes you don’t know where to get started or if you have a new idea for a product or niche pivot it helps to get a little private one-to-one support. You can book a time with an expert inside the membership site.

We do find that the best support comes from sharing your work in the main Workrooms where you can get support from the other members in addition to the experts we have on the team.

Being in the room to co-work also means you get to hear what others are working on and it can help inspire you or solve a problem in your business. The collaborative working environment is incredibly valuable and is unique to the Catalyst.

Make sure you talk to us – because if there is something we can change and implement, we want to know! There are no refunds and you are committing to 12 months with us. You can cancel anytime after the first 12 months but we are pretty confident you will love the support you receive with us.

Business owners who know an intimate community will help them accelerate their business faster. We are in this to nourish and nurture business owners so we are looking for team builders and culture makers. We cover products and services, in person and online businesses because we focus on the tools and tactics all businesses can use to accelerate their growth. We are looking for topic experts who also want to serve the community by hosting co-working and office hour sessions too.

Let’s just be blunt – business owners face a host of prejudices, inequities and injustices around the globe. We know these topics need to be looked at, worked on and solutions created. We ask community members to remember we are not all experiencing the same thing and to approach each topic with the questions “What would make this even better?” and that does not include tone policing, white washing or erasing of experiences.

If we are in this together, we are in this together and that includes using our businesses, our ideas and our wealth to create equity. If members of the community are unable to contribute to an inclusive community, they will be asked to leave and refunds will be on the sole discretion of the business to administer.

When you’re just starting out or rebuilding, it’s important that you keep money in your business so you can buy more stock, hire support and yeah – pay yourself. If the Catalyst is a financial stretch for you right now but you need support, send us an email at If you are from a marginalized community, we have options for pay it backwards.  Let’s chat.

Quarterly, annual and twice a year payments only. We go into it in more detail here.

This is really for businesses who are creating incredible moves in their business already and are looking to grow and scale their already successful business.

Is CATALYST for New Business Owners?

For the most part, we are working with business owners who have been in business for 3+ years.

Sometimes what we are discussing can be a bit overwhelming for new business owners.

We are working on a First Year in Business Cohort – if you’re interested in joining when we launch that – sign up here.