Creating a Legacy Beyond Profit

Live Done-With-You Support
& Peer Led Masterminds for legacy builders, Leaders & Changemakers

How We Create Impact

Leaders, Changemakers, Culture Creators – we know you’ve got a calling to create a legacy with the work you do. Either through your business directly or with the funds you create in your business.

Whatever impact looks like to you, we have the support systems to not only help support you in your business but with peer-led masterminds and focused programs that help you lean in to your leadership skills, your relationship with money and wealth, your social justice work and even in creating significant economic change in your local and global economies.

It’s big work and it requires support in a completely different way than any other time in your business.

By joining a collective of like-minded, high-achieving peers, you gain access to a wealth of diverse perspectives and innovative ideas that can help you overcome complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

These intimate, structured sessions foster deep, meaningful discussions that go beyond surface-level advice, providing actionable insights tailored to your specific needs.

Moreover, the collaborative environment of a mastermind group promotes accountability, ensuring you stay committed to your goals while receiving constructive feedback and support from fellow business leaders who genuinely understand the entrepreneurial journey.

Embracing this powerful network can catalyze personal and professional growth, opening doors to strategic partnerships and unlocking potential you might not have realized on your own.

Peer-Led Masterminds help create ideas, momentum and inspiration. Be surrounded by other leaders and change makers in focused & facilitated sessions.


More options coming soon
Your annual membership means you can choose up to two masterminds in your renewal year and you will get access to special member pricing for any that you would like to add in. You also get monthly strategy and accountability sessions AND complete access to all Create the Rules Catalyst benefits.

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Restorative Leadership

Faith Clarke

The Restorative Leadership Mastermind cultivates a restorative culture within your business, so you can have the capacity for the innovative, design, creativity, empathy and calm under pressure, needed to solve problems and keep the business viable in today’s rapidly changing often chaotic world.

Discover your own leadership style and needs to help support your current and future teams. This mastermind is for current and emerging leaders to deepen their relationship with the role of being a leader.

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Money Energetics Mastermind

Biba Atta

The Money Energetics Mastermind is an 8-week mastermind hybrid that helps entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money, break through limiting beliefs and subconscious barriers, and reach new levels of revenue and financial abundance.

Participants will expand their capacity to earn and receive more wealth while anchoring the safety to step into their full economic potential. If your revenue has plateaued or fear is holding you back from charging your desired price, this innovative mindset and energetic breakthrough mastermind can help shift your money patterns, expand your money containers, and powerfully elevate your results.

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Culture in Community

Marissa Loewen

Finding where you belong and who you are while cultivating a creative and nourishing culture around and within you.
Calling all community catalysts and change makers for this three month peer support cohort! This mastermind is for you if you have a desire and intuitive lead to be in and foster a nourishing culture for your teams, your audience or the communities you serve. Discover the role you are meant to be in and how you can contribute to current and future cultures.

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Orgasmic Operations

Veronica Yanhs
Veronica takes leaders and change makers into her signature (and proven) People-First + Pleasure-Filled approach to creating a business and life you love. Through exploring the the often unsexy systems and processes you get stuck in, this peer-supported mastermind breaks down the obstacles and elevates the opportunities.

Exploring both the processes and the reasons why we stay stuck in systems that don’t work for us – you’ll create a plan based in mastery to grow and scale your business.

Make way for more pleasure, more profit and more peer support in this focused mastermind.

Spiritual Archaeology –
A Guided Art Mastermind

Elle Billing

Through an iterative process of adding and scraping back layers of paint and carefully chosen vintage book pages, Elle has honed her art practice into a ritual of spiritual and emotional archaeology.

In this art based mastermind, Elle will share her intimate process of building a painting and a collection, and how her rituals of artmaking have excavated greater truths about her Self and her experiences. Participants will share with themselves and each other throughout the mastermind with an interactive art display available only to the mastermind participants.

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You as The Muse

Lacey Cahill

This 8-week mastermind is a transformative journey designed to help individuals and entrepreneurs tap into their deepest sources of insight and creativity for personal and professional growth. “Becoming Your Own Muse” guides you through a process of self-discovery, empowering you to uncover and harness your inner wisdom and intuition.

Whether you’re struggling with decision-making, seeking clarity in your business direction, or simply looking to enrich your personal life, this mastermind provides the tools and support to become your own source of guidance and inspiration.

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SUPPORT the Business,
SUPPORT the Business Owner

Asking for and receiving help is a big part of what we do in the Catalyst. Being in the Room is more than just getting work done (we love getting sh*t done!) but also about who we are as business owner & what support we truly need to build a solid, thriving business.

  • Be in community where no question is judged or discarded

  • ASK ME EVERYTHING sessions where you can be supported with whatever you’re working on, when you need it.

  • Explore your ideas with trusted experts who know how to expand and implement them with you

A woman with purple hair leaning against a brick wall.

Be In the Room

Hello! I am Marissa Loewen, Founder and Lead Strategist at Create the Rules. Over the past three years we have been helping business owners grow, scale and thrive through our signature Done-WITH-You support system for impact driven entrepreneurs, change makers and culture creators. We saw there was a big gap in the coaching, mentoring and online course industries in actually helping business owners get their ideas to implementation.


Small business owners have to wear all of the hats when it comes to building their business and we know that many experience instances of Executive Dysfunction, Imposter Syndrome, Analysis Paralysis, and being overwhelmed with ALL OF THE THINGS. We also know that Occupational Loneliness is a very real issue impacting entrepreneurs.

So we designed a virtual platform with personalized support and a community of business owners in the same stage as you are.

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Nourishing the Risktakers

Using a combination of on-demand learning and live, personalized support, we help impact-driven business owners get coaching, mentoring and implementation support right in the tools and tactics you choose for your business.

Tailoring great ideas to fit your business to help you build your business, fully supported.

Grow & Scale Your Business

BE in the ROOM with US

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No Questions too Big or Small
Ask the Experts


Make a Plan With Us that Works for you & your business


Get the Motivation You
Need to Succeed

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Not sure how to do something? We can log into your tools & help