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How We Build Businesses

You’re building a business and there is so much to do, learn and test out. We know exactly how stressful, lonely and exhausting this point in your business can be. From product & pricing strategies, to brand development, audience building and marketing, we know what it’s like to try and do this all on your own.

So many courses and celebrity entrepreneurs will try to sell you their quick fix, their one-off solution to growing your business quickly and at the end of it you’re left with more debt, a burnt out plan and still wondering how to put it all together.

Which is why we created Create the Rules Catalyst, a full-service, live, Done-WITH-You support system that not only gives you as much 1:1 and community-led support that you need, but over 20 modules of business growth basics that gets you easily organized and moving forward in building the business that not only fuels you, but your team and the communities you serve.

How Catalyst Compares

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FeaturesCATALYSTGroup ProgramDIY CoursesPrivate Coach
1:1 Personal Coaching
Multiple Curated Expertsmaybemaybe
24/7 Virtual Co-workingmaybe
Educational Live Workshops
Done-WITH-You Implementation
Personalized SEO SupportOnly if it’s an SEO Coach
Communal Marketing Strategiesmaybe
Executive Dysfunction Supportmaybe
Accountability Support
Live Testing of Product & Service Support
Quarterly & Annual Profit Planningmaybe
Unlimited copy, web design & branding support
Community-led collaborationmaybemaybe
On Demand Courses, Checklists & Templates
Opportunity to Be Paid to Be an Expert or Host Workshops
Affiliate Programmaybemaybemaybe

Added Bonuses

A culture that focuses on belonging, stellar community colleagues, unlimited celebrations, plus powerful conversations about economy, leadership and our relationship to money, commerce and competition. This is a space where we focus on you, the business owner, the risk taker, the leader and the change maker. Come as your whole self and build the business that helps you create the impact & legacy you want.

You no longer have to build this alone. Be supported in Catalyst: Ignite.

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SUPPORT the Business,
SUPPORT the Business Owner

Asking for and receiving help is a big part of what we do in the Catalyst. Being in the Room is more than just getting work done (we love getting sh*t done!) but also about who we are as business owner & what support we truly need to build a solid, thriving business.

  • Be in community where no question is judged or discarded

  • ASK ME EVERYTHING sessions where you can be supported with whatever you’re working on, when you need it.

  • Explore your ideas with trusted experts who know how to expand and implement them with you

What’s Inside

What’s Inside

We’ve put together the steps and insight to help new business owners create the solid foundation they need to build out a thriving business.

A notebook with the word strategy written on it.

Business Foundations

Processes, Tools, Contracts, Customer Relations & Employee Handbook

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Profit Plan

Financial forecasts, Budgets, Profit Margins, Product & Pricing Strategies, Tracking Finances and more

Two individuals collaborating on a project, with one pointing at a flowchart while the other uses a tablet, surrounded by color swatches, sticky notes, and a laptop on a wooden table.

Brand Strategy

Develop the brand that speaks to your audience. From Website to packaging, we help you create the look, the content and the style that your audience loves.

A desk with sticky notes, a calculator and a laptop.

Business Systems

From CRMs, payment systems to email marketing, we’ll help you pick the right tools to help you grow your business.

A paper with the word mobile marketing on it.


Discover how you want to market your business. We help you craft your omni-channel marketing strategy both online and offline.

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Audience Building

The tools, tactics and content you need to be where your audience is

Audience Nourishment

Your audience knows about you, now set up the systems, automations and processes that help them buy from you

Client Retention

Onboarding, client communications, invoicing and making it easy for people to buy from you again.

Price identity and the profit plan.

Rich Pitch

How to craft the perfect sales pitch to use on your website, sales calls and even pitching to potential investors.

Be in Business for Yourself,
but Not By yourself

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Be In the Room

Hello! I am Marissa Loewen, Founder and Lead Strategist at Create the Rules. Over the past three years we have been helping business owners grow, scale and thrive through our signature Done-WITH-You support system for impact driven entrepreneurs, change makers and culture creators. We saw there was a big gap in the coaching, mentoring and online course industries in actually helping business owners get their ideas to implementation.


Small business owners have to wear all of the hats when it comes to building their business and we know that many experience instances of Executive Dysfunction, Imposter Syndrome, Analysis Paralysis, and being overwhelmed with ALL OF THE THINGS. We also know that Occupational Loneliness is a very real issue impacting entrepreneurs.

So we designed a virtual platform with personalized support and a community of business owners in the same stage as you are.

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Nourishing the Risktakers

Using a combination of on-demand learning and live, personalized support, we help impact-driven business owners get coaching, mentoring and implementation support right in the tools and tactics you choose for your business.

Tailoring great ideas to fit your business to help you build your business, fully supported.

Growing Business Specific Support

BE in the ROOM with US

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No Questions too Big or Small
Ask the Experts


Make a Plan With Us that Works for you & your business


Get the Motivation You
Need to Succeed

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Not sure how to do something? We can log into your tools & help