Accelerate Your Personal & Business Evolution


Intimate. Focused. Community Fuelled Expansion for Impact Driven Businesses

Focused Masterminds

Fuelled By Community

Focused Masterminds

Choose up to two focused masterminds per membership year with any of our stellar facilitators who have been trained to host and create powerful experiences for our ARC members. These masterminds are limited to 10 members each cohort to create an intimate experience.

Private Co-Working Rooms

Accelerated Expansion

Private Co-Working Rooms

In addition to having access to all of the co-working and experiential rooms within the Catalyst, ARC members get private co-working and expansion rooms to collaborate, get virtual support and experience personal and business expansion with our team of skilled leaders and experts

Quarterly Business Expansion Sessions

Virtual Business Partner

Quarterly Business Expansion Sessions

Receive quarterly audit and business expansion sessions per membership year with Marissa Loewen, Founder & Lead Strategist. Get customized ideas, strategies and action steps on one area of your business to accelerate your growth.

Welcome To Create The Rules Catalyst: ARC

The Only Virtual Support Space for Impact Driven Businesses with
As Much 1:1 and Community-Led Support You Need Fuelled
by the Power of Peer Councils & Masterminds

Step into the realm of limitless possibilities and become an innovator in the exhilarating world of Create the Rules Catalyst Arc. Join forces with a council of your equally brilliant peers and unlock the gateway to unparalleled creativity and impact.

As a member of this extraordinary mastermind, you will find yourself at the forefront of shaping the rules that govern our rapidly evolving society and developing economy. Your voice will have the power to leverage your wisdom, redefine boundaries, and pave the way for a future where imagination knows no bounds.

Collaborating with like-minded visionaries from diverse backgrounds, you will engage in spirited expansion, exchange cutting-edge insights, and ignite the sparks of ingenious breakthroughs. Together, you will tap into a collective genius that transcends individual capabilities, overcoming barriers and amplifying the magnitude of your influence.

In this exclusive gathering of luminaries, you will gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge, resources, and networks that will fuel your creative fire.

Forge meaningful connections with accomplished individuals who share your passion for innovation, disruption, and social change. Through this creative collaboration, you will not only expand your own horizons, but also tap into a wellspring of inspiration, connection and collaboration that will drive you towards unprecedented achievements.

By being part of the Create the Rules Catalyst Arc, you will shape the destiny of industries, challenge the status quo, and create an indelible impact on the world. Break free from the constraints of conventional thinking and embrace the exhilarating journey of creating the rules to unlock a future limited only by the boundaries of your imagination.

All the Community & 1:1 Support in the Catalyst PLUS…

All The Community & 1:1 Support
In The Catalyst PLUS…

Be in the room with 8-9 other powerful leaders, change makers and culture creators creating an evolving expansion for both your personal & business journey. Because being in business is better together. Guided by trained and skilled facilitators, you can choose up to two focused cohorts per membership year.

Peer Councils – Intimate Exploration, Acceleration and Transformation

Mastermind with other impact-driven business owners and entrepreneurs with committed focus and dedicated support. Facilitated by trained, masterful guides who can help you create the transformation you desire.

With focused pathways, you will get the opportunity to be in the hot seat with your peers supporting you without shame, bias and judgement. Get the experience and learnings from our curated ARC members, in addition to our supportive and skilled guides and facilitators.

Expansion Defined

Arc: a luminous electrical Connection between two electrodes or other points.

Bringing the best in impact-driven businesses together to create powerful connections, collaborations and creativity in a reciprocal peer based mastermind.

Welcome to Create the Rules Catalyst: Arc. Arc Members are business owners who have been in business for over five years, have a team of change makers and are working to create a powerful culture in their business and in the communities they serve outside their business.

On a personal and possibly spiritual journey, ARC members are exploring intuitive mastery, culture development, impact expansion and their own personal evolution as creators and collaborators in late-stage capitalism.

We are looking for those interested in exploring new economies, decolonizing commerce, and who want more communal power in their life and business. This annual membership is for the change makers, the culture creators and the legacy makers who want a personalized support team who can help them tap into their intuition, explore their own co-creation abilities and who want to create powerful collaborative bonds with others like them.

In addition to all of the annual benefits in Create the Rules Catalyst, ARC members enjoy private co-working rooms, expansion sessions, private workshops, masterminds and quarterly customized idea and strategy sessions.

Create the Rules Catalyst

  • As much 1:1 and Community-Led Support You Need, including content writing, design, branding, web and more.
  • Co-Working & Experiential Rooms
  • All Catalyst Workshops Included
  • The Profit Plan

Create the Rules Catalyst: ARC

  • All of the Benefits of the Catalyst
  • Two Mastermind Cohorts
  • Quarterly 1:1 Expansion Sessions
  • Private Co-Working & Expansion Rooms
  • Private Podcasts, Workshops & More

“Fantastic way to stay focused and be productive”

I just joined and so glad I did! I already have great insights into next year’s planning as well as partnership types I hadn’t considered before. The co-working is a fantastic way to stay focused and be productive. I already feel I’ve gotten more than the value I paid, and I’ve only taken advantage of a fraction of the resources.

Kimberly Robb Baker, Writer

Truly a Life Giving Community”

Before joining, I was struggling to sell something I fell out of love with and spinning countless offers without much impact. Now, I have the clarity and confidence to build out new offers that are sustainable while also doing work I love!

The numbers have also been really something I haven’t been great at so the profit plan has given me so much clarity. I’m also obsessed with the co-working calls. Anytime I need inspiration or want to chat I can join! It’s truly a life giving community!

Melody Johnson, Customer Success Consultant

“100X Easier To Overcome My Mental Block”

The Profit Plan made me feel truly in control of my business for the first time. As a creative entrepreneur, envisioning where I wanted my business to go was easy. But running the numbers on what it would take to get there had me breaking out in a cold sweat. Going through the Profit Plan with Marissa made it 100X easier to overcome my mental block and gave me the confidence to pursue my creative vision. The Profit Plan is literally a foundational piece of my business and I come back to it again and again. I’d recommend it to anyone, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been in the game for a decade.

Darci Ellenberger, Sweet Tooth Creative

“more aligned & profitable than I ever dreamt it could be”

My business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be

The Profit Plan shifted my entire perspective on how I run my business, which has continued to have positive impact even 16 months later – my business is more aligned and profitable than I ever dreamt it could be in this timeframe.

Joa Ahern-Seronde
Carte Blanche Careers

“an indispensible part of how I run my business to scale”

Give Her Your Money: When Marissa explained her yearlong program and I hired her, I knew in my gut it was everything I needed. Within 3 weeks, my instinct was validated with hard data when I recouped my investment 200%+, while completely pivoting my business to remove unnecessary stress and fall in love with what I do again. In a short time, Marissa has become an indispensible part of how I run my business to scale and better serve clients, and I can’t imagine working without her now. Thanks to her help, I have saved literally thousands of dollars in unnecesssary costs, received hours of 1:1 live support, and completely upleveled my processes and packages to enhance my clients’ outcomes. In short, working with her has been a total gamechanger, and I’d tell anyone on the fence about working with her to “Get off the fence!” Her program is worth every penny.

Robyn Feldberg, Abundant Success Coach