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Before You Book

I have offered single sessions in the past to new clients, but what I find is that unless they have taken at least the first three steps in the Create the Rules Profit Plan system, we end up visiting one or more of those steps in the session so the client can see where they are going with their business. Then we don’t have time to get to the real transformational coaching that can happen in the coaching I provide.

I now require all of my clients to have completed the Create the Rules Profit Plan system before working with me. The system is designed to get a lot of the foundational elements in your business set up so we can dive deep in our sessions to get to the root of your business blocks and unlock your incredible plan to achieve your goals.

All of my coaching packages include the system to allow us to get the most out of our time together.

I also offer a personalized Create the Rules Profit Plan coaching that is just you, me and the system – one on one.

Profit Plan + 1 Private Coaching Session

  • 1 year Access to Profit Plan System
  • One 90 Minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • No Additional Email or Messenger Support
  • Additional Sessions Can be Purchased After

Profit Plan Membership

$499USD/ 1 yr access
  • 1 year Access to Profit Plan System
  • Monthly Live Group Coaching Hours
  • Weekly Coaching Prompt in your Inbox
  • 2021 Planning Workshop
  • Member Pricing on Private Coaching

Profit Plan + 3 Private Coaching Sessions

  • 1 year Access to Profit Plan System
  • Three 90 Minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • No Additional Email or Messenger Support
  • Additional Sessions Can be Purchased After

The Single Session

– Idea Curation

Ok, ok I know I said up above that you can’t purchase a single coaching session with me without going through the Profit Plan first – that being said, I often get asked for idea curation aka brainstorming or the oddly icky “pick your brain” session. It generally focuses around an idea you want to develop but don’t need coaching as much as you need my stellar knack for pulling ideas out of the ether for you to try on. I call it TRYING ON PANTS. You know when you’re at the store and you have like 12 different pants to try on. They aren’t all going to fit right. You try them on, walk in them, do some squats – and maybe even you take a few home. But you have the right to return them or give them to someone else who they fit perfectly.

I have this brain that stores a lot of ideas – ones I see in the wild and ones I craft on my own. People like taking the ideas from it and try them on. So I’ll give you as a session to do that. But on these conditions:

  1. You know your business – the amount of money you want to make in it and who your audience is.
  2. You’re willing to do it in 90 minutes. I’ve tried the 45, 60 min options but 90 minutes is the creative sweet spot.
  3. This isn’t coaching. It is idea curation and if coaching is required, we will both acknowledge it during the session so we know where good boundaries are.

Let’s get creative together. Remember anything I suggest for you is not a should! It’s an idea to try on. Sometimes you need a few days to sit with it to see if it’s for you. Sometimes you need a follow up session after this to stretch the idea out a little more to see if it is the right fit for you. No problem! After our session, you’ll get a link for follow up sessions you can book that are 45 min long.

$325/90 min.

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Marissa Loewen

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I ask the powerful questions you need to build a thriving, resilient, prosperous business.

Coaching is a powerful tool that allows you to create the rules around your own business – tools and tactics that work for you. I do bring in my over 20 years experience owning brick and mortar stores, pop ups and online businesses as well the marketing, communications, sales funnels and pricing strategies that bring you ease. I step into idea curation mode during our sessions to help you create stunning goals and the tools and tactics you need to achieve them. Real business acumen paired with powerful mindset and momentum.

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